How to open canned food without a can opener

The journal continues to pour Hiking romance of the clearest monitors. Why? And because the summer, camping, mosquitos, fire, «the Bend of a guitar yellow» drunken voices and romantic summer nights. What I want in the fresh oxygen-enriched air in the first place? Properly, eat. Well, or just to eat. But she had camp food that is known to be a stew. But alas, all cannot be taken into account, and you will definitely forget it. Or the can opener. As well as hunger presses harder on the morale of the team, you need to decide something. You can just throw a jar with all his strength on the rocks, but not everyone likes meat with sand. And lick the pieces with mortal earth is not very nice. Fortunately, human ingenuity came up with other ways.

In General you will need these methods not only in the campaign, and in any place where you’re gonna get the hunger.



If you do not confuse the aluminum shavings in food and spilled liquid, it is advised to use this old as the Earth itself, by the way.

1. Find a large rock or any other hard surface(concrete bunker).

2. Modern cans (and we hope that you eat the modern canned), sealed by a roll machine, remains on top of the ledge, which is the place connecting the lid and the jar itself. Take it and start rubbing this performance on a stone

4. As soon as you see that from the jar starts to leak the fluid, stop and turn the jar.

5. Podkovyrin podrywu Bank something – the cover will fall off easily.

6. Enjoy!



And again rescues from starvation a great force of friction!

If there are no openers, you can use a simple spoon. After all, she is always there if you don’t eat with your hands. Importantly, the spoon was not aluminum, otherwise it is unknown who will be the winner of the duel – a Bank or a spoon.

1. Take a simple tablespoon.

2. Side of the spoon RUB the cap of the can at a side. Rubbing will not take long. You’ll feel the moment when to stop.

3. Click the edge of a spoon to the places that have just rubbed.

4. The Bank selling, and you can get food.

Bare hands

The following method is for real men with big hands without a trace of a pedicure and a great desire to show off in front of others. The main thing – to have greater power in the hands of, and practical experience. By the way, if you remember, banks are elongated and flat. The proper technique to open and that and the other.

1. Take the Bank. Clamp it both ends with your hands.

2. Put their large powerful fingers in the middle of the banks, clenching her hands and forced a finger dent.

3. Bank bend in the other direction.

4. Bend as long as the frail aluminum will not break.

By the way, it is better to take an aluminum can. She, so to speak, more pliable. But that’s not the only caveat. How did you know that juices will be bubbling furiously to escape from the cans, contaminating everything around it. So nice to put it in a bag.



Option terribly simple and banal. If there is nothing to open, but podbokom lying around saw, take it.

1. Take a hacksaw.

2. Cut off the top part of the jar.

3. All. And you thought that would be something fantastic?

A hammer and a knife/chisel/screwdriver


This method is very risky. The fact that a hammer and chisel can bounce off and hurt something. But we believe in you. In addition, in the campaign, for lack of an axe and a chisel (well, who carries a bit in the campaign!), you can use the knife and stone. But here the stakes are higher. A hammer and chisel (or flathead screwdriver) – rather, it is the garage option when decided to eat in his workshop, and watch, as always, at hand was not.

1. Take a hammer and chisel.

2. Position the chisel on the top edge of the jar.

3. Gently hit the tool to perform the first hole. Hold the chisel straight, not at an angle, otherwise there is a risk that it will slip off.

4. Give the Bank a little, then grab the bits for the new hole. Hit me again. Continue to hit at the top of the jar, while the cover will not open completely.

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