How to open a stuck jar lid


Sunday afternoon, you sit in your chair for men dressed in your male clothes and CITEL men’s magazine. Today turn your wife to prepare dinner. (That’s right, you are assigned the duty of cooking. Real men know how to cook. Especially meat). To keep things simple, let’s say that your wife decided to cook spaghetti which is served with some salad. But while cooking you hear, «Honey, I can’t open a jar of spaghetti sauce. The lid is stuck. Can you help me?»

Are you ready for such moments in the household? Offer to your attention five effective methods that will help you show off your skills by opening a stuck lid.

1. Brute force. According to this technique, it is necessary to use a brute male force to Unscrew the lid of the jar. If you can do it without using improvised means, it will give you more points of courage, and if the venture failed, read on.

2. Kitchen towel and rubber gloves. If the power failed you in the struggle with a stuck lid, put on the lid and a kitchen towel poprobui again. If that doesn’t work, take more effective tool — rubber gloves — and try again.

3. Overcome vacuum seal. If you get rid of the effect of vacuum, the lid is easier to open. You can do this in a normal bottle opener, a little sticking out the lid.

4. Hot water. Another effective method that will help easily open the ill-fated cover — the use of hot water. It is sufficient to substitute the lid of the jar for a minute under the hot water tap, the metal is expanded. In the end the Bank can easily open.

5. Pressing a spoon on the cover. Sometimes, food gets stuck in the lid, which in turn locks the lid. A few quick taps with a spoon on the outer surface of the cap is able to rescue the situation, shifting from place any food.

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