How to open a discount store

manygoodtips.com_26.05.2014_dwbrvJTUYqNqhAnother business idea, which, of course, will need the money — but not so much as to open another store. If you wish, shop discount stores you can open, dismantling the rubble of a house in the country and my parents. Old furniture, clothes, toys, shoes — all this can someone be useful. Let to describe your business does not fit the words «fashionable» and «chic» but it is guaranteed to make a profit. You were in the store of expired products in St. Petersburg? Even there is no release from customers, although it is on the shelves is that no one in their right mind would.

What do I need to open a discount store?

1. Specialization

First you need to determine the range. What and who do you want to sell? It seems that the best expertise is in women’s clothing? Or do you consider interesting the idea of a junk shop, where you can find a little of everything? If you plan to specialize in a particular niche, limited to wholesale purchases of the product that interests your target audience.

2. The purchase of goods

You need to fill your future store products that you can sell (though not for the first time!) and make a profit. Perhaps, the main step in the opening of the discount store — find a place where you will get the goods. And where? From wholesalers and other impaired and second-hand stores, flea markets — anywhere you can get things that fit the format of your shop.

3. The needs of the community

Before opening such an extravagant business, study the people inhabiting the area of interest to you. You need locals? What are they missing? What have not guessed to offer the population of the area business? If you make the life in this place easier and more enjoyable from customers will not hang up.

4. The rent of the building

Where the discount store should not be, so it’s on the main and busy street of the city — there are rental costs big money. If you can find a place that will be empty in the next few months, his boss will be happy that I was able to attach it in good hands. Remember: you need to rent a shop cheap and friendly host that will not bother you.

5. Delivery service

Do not underestimate your buyers! If a person wants to buy goods in a discount store, it does not mean that he will give good service, because they can not to pay for it. The person who bought the sofa, there is a need to deliver him to his home, but a suitable machine may not be. Do cheap delivery within the area — say, 300-500 rubles. So you sell a lot more furniture: people will know that one of the problems, namely transportation, have been resolved.

6. Fitting

If you sell clothes, you can not do without facilities, where people are to try it on. You can just close the cubicle curtain will be enough.

7. Join

Deklamiruya in a nearby store, and in return put their ads. Make up stock, do discounts, find partners — the drawback of all these stores in their boredom. They seem to have fallen out of modern marketing and not seek to increase level. Don’t be so. Different from the sparse landscape of the same impaired for the better.

8. Big fish

The majority of your items will be obscenely cheap, and you’ll get the minimum benefit. The business developed, you need larger fish, and thus, more expensive: new beds, mattresses and other furniture; dresses for prom, fancy dress — something that people will not feel sorry for money when they see it.

9. Bank transfer

And we’re back to boring and antitechnological stores that sell second-hand goods. We live in the XXI century, and the person that decides to shop at the discount store probably has a Bank (including credit) card. Get ready for this — clients will be impressed. I agree, the shop where you can pay by any method, all depart with a light heart and not planning for this in advance.

10. Advertising

You have to advertise so people know about the new store and came to him. It is necessary to establish contacts with those who work in places where low-income people interested in you district. Take note of the local supermarkets lower price range, pubs, points of reception of empties, clinics, markets. If you place there is to put the promoter to put business cards, it will be helpful to your newborn business. You will know you will not go.

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