How to open a bottle without a corkscrew

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2014_sisWWgxopIteXYou invited graceful dream woman to his home and prepared a delicious filet Mignon — probably the best in her life. You bought for your dinner a wonderful red wine that is beneficial to enhance the taste of your culinary masterpiece. But… there is always an unfortunate «but») for some strange reason you have turned out to be a corkscrew. Let’s say you lost it, borrowed or broken and new buy forgot. Or do you have a romantic walk through the city — you walk on the pavement, you threw it on the shoulders of his jacket, and hands you a bottle of wine — and how to access it in this situation? Don’t worry, there is a solution.

Method shoes

All are Shoe with hard soles. Put it in her bottle so that her bottom was right above the heel. Find a solid wall (really hard and not hollow — we don’t want to write the next post about how to close the hole in the wall). A great option is the door jamb.

Now, take the Shoe for the toe and so that it is parallel to the floor. You need to carefully hit the heel on the selected surface. The tube will slowly start to slip out of the neck with each stroke when she will slip a half, unable to stop. Else you make with your own hands. Here the main thing — do not overdo it, not to damage the bottle and not wait until the cork POPs from the bottle, and the divine drink spilled under your feet.

If you on a romantic outing and it so happened that you ended up without shoes, you can use a towel or any clothes you don’t mind hole — this method allows.

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