How to obtain political asylum in the United States

manygoodtips.com_21.10.2016_QkbXpqvjQ8ICVIn the 2017 financial year, the US plans to take 110 thousand refugees, which is 30% more than last year. Of course, this promise was made purely on the pre-election wave and does not promise a complete performance, but now is your chance to be under American care is higher than ever. Of all the ways to get in the States recognition as a refugee is the easiest. Just need to turn off your pride and tell yourself that in your current normal life is really impossible. And, of course, you are very lucky if you live in one of the most apolitical countries in the world where the concept of «citizen’s rights» have increasingly become a tale of a school textbook.

Now in the Russian Federation there are about 75 political parties, 74 of which are alive only because one (you know). Perhaps that is why news just breaking from the bills that the public immediately perceives in bayonets, calling stupid and infringing on the rights of the people. But the recent elections to the state Duma — we mean massive stuffing of ballots at the stations clearly showed that the government, in General, do not care about the opinion servile people, and deputies, using budgetary means, promote the laws that will help them even better to strengthen his position.

And almost every day we are confronted with the fact that a particular activist, and often an ordinary citizen, not subject to prosecution or pressure from the powerful. Express their personal opinion about the state of things in Russia, even on his page in the social network — has considerable risk. Heck, even a simple reading of the Constitution aloud in a public place turned to the people with a fine and a visit to the office. Is this possible in a free state? Unless we vote for it? Let those fill up who say that a true patriot will not abandon the country even in trouble. Yes, only here what problem: the patriots couldn’t concentrate in Russia in more than three people.Anyway, if you feel that your rights in this country is limited, creating obstacles for the further life, it was time to act. Despite the fact that it will be about political asylum is not a separate category, and the basis for emigration. That is, you can apply for asylum and other grounds: racial, religious, ethnic or social discrimination. Let’s consider your chances of obtaining the necessary status. Be afraid of nothing, most of these items are unlikely to greatly complicate the process of obtaining asylum in the United States.

First, if you’re not chasing someone on the above grounds, then it is a plus sign (see, easy!). Second, you must be a citizen of and reside in one of the former USSR countries (except EU countries). Thirdly, you live in a state in which there is fundamental change, not leave the possibility and likelihood of prosecution of the applicant in the future. And of course, you have to prove that the measures taken against you action has occurred or can occur because of belonging to any race, nationality, social group or certain political views. Note that rights should be violated by not so much individuals, but for the state.

As you can see, has its risks — if you fail to prove refugee status, you will return back. For absolute certainty you need to be at least aware of the laws and amendments that affect your life, but at the same time be aware of a similar situation in the United States.

It is wise to contact the company which helps migrants, advising and dealing with all the legal documents. I agree that moving to another country is not a trip to the country, and this one will be very difficult.In order to convince the officer of citizenship and immigration to approve your request, all means are good. Your story, photos, threatening letters, newspaper clippings and printed articles relating to you (your category). To work here, in any case, nothing need still to learn, and the story should be as large as possible, preferably at least five pages (in English). Will also be an interview in which you better should try to give reasonable arguments. However, there will be a lawyer who can help in case.

If the evidence was not enough, you have to wait for immigration court, which could take place in 3-5 years. It is important to understand that if the case drags on, it is those arguments that you quoted earlier, may not be relevant to that time. But after 3-5 months after filing the petition you’ll still get the right to work in the United States. This is a huge plus. Even in case of failure you can legally stay and work in the USA quite a few years. And there, staring, and the next immigration Amnesty will do.

There’s another logical disconnect. To obtain the status of «refugee» must first obtain a nonimmigrant visa (that is, first to arrive in the USA) is a student, tourist or any other. And to get it, the interview will have to assure that you are not going to stay in the United States. That is the lie.

But you can go the crafty way and already when you apply for immigration to say that to restrict the rights of your family have become while you were in the States. Or only in America, you suddenly realized that in Russia, you, as a representative of a particular category, it is terrible to live. In General, the positive outcome of such meetings is in 70% of cases, so do not worry much.What happens if you succeed and your petition will be approved? In General, nothing bad — only good. You will be given medical insurance, and you will have the right within two years to be reunited with family (wife and children under 21) who lives abroad. You will put a case worker, who within a month will help acclimatization. 8 months you will be issued food stamps — food stamps and financial assistance.

If you’re lucky, the government will promote in rental housing and obtaining credit. At the end of case worker should make sure that your home has the right furniture, children enrolled in schools and adults attended courses of learning English. Also will have to be examined in the clinic for refugees where you’ll get x-rays, check for tuberculosis and will be asked to choose a family doctor.

manygoodtips.com_21.10.2016_GNafsJUMKNfNyIn the end, if during the year you did not violate the current laws and refugee status you have assigned by mistake, it will be possible to apply for the right to become a permanent resident of the United States. Of course, the last three paragraphs is too many «if’s», but then it all depends on you. If you can make this step into the unknown and prove that you have the right to live in a civilized country where there are such big problems, but there are plenty of opportunities for personal growth, intellectual development, and the future is transparent and very rosy? It’s your life, it does not belong to the country, and only you to decide where you’ll be happy.

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