How to never feel lonely

manygoodtips.com_19.03.2014_IcJi0slGGgbWaNeedless to say, that loneliness is the worst feeling on earth. This fear is absolutely one hundred percent far-fetched, I assure you, comrade! This Fear, as they say coaches are psychologists in your head. Loneliness is a bitch only to those who don’t know how to use it, namely to translate into seclusion. The problem of people who are afraid to be alone in the fact that they are dependent on other people and I do not know how to live independently. In the troubles of the majority of extroverts that are dependent on the society so that they can not decide if no information from the outside. We all depend on society, it is certainly important that we find authoritarian mindset, and not lose your precious freedom. Today we will tell you how to never feel lonely. Some dudes after a breakup with a girl running around with just anyone, get involved in dubious company and sit in crowded places, not to be alone, and it sucks big time, man! Such people about whom this article is, to do something not only beautiful, rather they justify themselves, they depend on other people so much that even I do not know how to do something on their own.

1. Go alone to the movies

Some folks are physically unable to go to the movies alone. Absolutely. For them from the movie you can have fun only when someone sits and eats popcorn. Some comrades, for example, going to a movie with anyone, because I want to watch a movie. They don’t even understand what pleasure you can get from going to the movies alone. By the way, some comrades do not understand how you can watch movies, TV shows or cartoons at home without anyone around!

If you’re afraid of loneliness, but rather the lack of company, it’s time to start going to the movies alone. You will quickly realize that to attend a morning session in an empty room all alone, not counting a coffee Cup, a gorgeous thing that words cannot describe. For such a simple action is a strong psychological change, you understand this, it is possible!

2. Go shopping alone

My closest friend does not know how to go shopping without his wife. They both work like normal dudes, and they even have a busy weekend. The man humbly waiting for when they will be shared completely free day to go out and buy myself clothes. He wore tattered sneakers, but he did not buy, was waiting for wife is free. He explained that the fact that you can’t choose something that would not look stupid. In some ways, this dependence on another person, it is a very bad addiction. Usually left alone for some reason, these comrades become lazy, obryvchiki, because the only motivator they have always come from outside. These comrades time to understand that the shop need to learn alone. And preferably quickly. Need to buy something? Why would someone wait? You’re not a girl that can company her to go shopping for hours and giggle?

3. Eat alone and read

Lunchtime for many is meaningful only when with you colleagues. There is even the concept of «dine together.» It is not that someone nice to have dinner together, this is a normal thing, but the article’s not even about that. The fact that the man can’t dine without company, even the pleasure he receives from eating one. In order to eliminate the need to have someone there when you consume food, often the moves have one, but certainly not often enough to give the impression that you’re all disowned. The team does not like when rod against him.

In order for you have fun, read books while eating. This is very exciting.

4. Go Hiking or take a walk in the Park alone

Of course, it is desirable that the trip was for one day, but I know guys who for months lived in trailers in the mountains alone Aki any dervishes. My paranoia still doesn’t allow me to go to the mountains or somewhere else alone, but to walk on the line outside the city — please. Many need a company to corny to go to the Park and see cherry blossoms, it is clear that not everything is pure. Go to the Park alone. Sit down on a bench, took out a book and read. Then you realize how valuable privacy. You won’t be alone, you will have the book and the nature around.

5. A campaign for a concert or to the theater alone

It seems that at a concert you should always be with someone, because that would be terribly boring. It really seems so. You have no distractions in the girl’s face, which can be boring and friends who will show somewhere finger something to chant. There is only you, events, music, stage and actors. Who said you’re alone?

6. Journey alone

Another great way to get off the tit of society and become full body. Those who have hitchhiked alone across the country, I will fully support. Somehow we were very scared to go somewhere without the company, under the pretext that we will do in a new place. In fact, to visit museums, sights and to see the beauty of other countries and cities is possible and without a partner nearby. So you will have fewer distractions. Relatively recently I realized that sometimes going to museums alone is better than with anyone else. Then you can go on the same show with someone, to share impressions.

Do you realize that most of the things you can do one and get obvious pleasure. What not to do one is to be friends and to love. This, not surprisingly, you need other people. But to depend on these things — no, thank you.

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