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Hello, dear editors! Every day you are making a huge deal for all the dudes Russia, and not only. Thank You for this great!

The problem: I, as a normal and adequate man, constantly engaged in self-development and want to achieve great things. But the problem is that I consume tons of information, and no action is doing. Lot of ranting, what to do, as understanding and desire (great) is, but the action go does not work.

Now the question is: so how do you become from human words-actions?

The answer

Dear dude, we are like «a-team», «the fellowship of the ring», «biker mice from Mars», the theater «Distorting mirror,» we have only one way and no other choice. We will not rest until we make brighter the life of every man on the planet Earth. Our whole life laid out to make the dudes life a little more interesting and easier. We are eternal, as Nikita Mikhalkov, and therefore, we will try to our readers until the end of his days. Thanks for reading us! And thanks for the question, which do have a question, not a request sympathize.

Now to your question. It’s very simple. You like Boris Burda and other scholars with large diopters, theorist. Procrastination is the plague of the generation. Do, when to do, if there are so many temptations. In principle, it is not surprising that the body doesn’t want to improve, but the brain understands that it’s necessary. That’s all the carrots. The biggest problem of all the reading people: they can’t adapt acquired knowledge to life.

Canine principle: to understand understand, but can not do. Such eloquent mediocrity very, very much. I think it would be disrespectful to yourself to replenish their ranks. The desire to learn something new is commendable, but we live in an era when every second person knows what to do, but have never used their knowledge in practice. Weekly we are looking for helpful hints, which are regularly published in the magazine. Think, why are we doing this? In order for you and your friends improved, just read we write in other sections.

They say if you do something 21 days in a row, it will become a habit. This is how to absorb information, but useful. Complete nonsense, it takes 20 days. As said Sergey I. Pakhomov: «to attain enlightenment, you have twenty days, to be wrung out 20 times, and so twenty weeks for twenty years. 20 times before lunch, after 20 you elk healthy. First soft, and then with cotton.» Systematized. The principle of military service – the monotonous repetition of the same without right for mistake. So in your case, no such right. More precisely, it is, but you need to forget about it. Do as the last time. Sounds pathetic, like the Olympics, but effective.

Get in the habit of every first day of the week to start to bring to life the material studied. Through force, through clenched teeth. At least a few times a week. Hard several times a week – try every day. Seriously, the rule works. The more – the faster. You decided, for example, to hone your author skills to write in For this you need to write a post to 2000 characters on any topic. Pathetic two thousand! But, writing on Monday and rested on Tuesday, you’re unlikely to want to write something on Wednesday. Psychology, do nothing. But just forcing yourself to include this column in your daily procedure, can impose any useful habit.

The famous writer Raymond Chandler in the fight against natural laziness has put forward a strategy:

You don’t have to write.

You don’t have to do anything else.

To avoid boredom of doing nothing for four hours a day, he became very prolific writer. However, if in addition you have plenty of other things, then perhaps we should abandon this theory.

Try to start with the most difficult tasks, and then move on to easier. Will have to wait, but then your attempts will be rewarded with experience, and heaven full.

Imagine in your mind the picture perfect «I». In principle, it ought to give you a powerful kick, after which you will take to bring ideas to life. Only it is not necessary narcissism: this look is meant to inspire you, not to excite. However, do not forget about honesty towards yourself.

If it is difficult to learn the Zen of fact, find the same thoughtful, but a slave of the other. Engage in self-development together. First, more fun, and secondly, will have an incentive to come to enlightenment quickly.

Well, and thirdly, praise yourself for each day spent in the work and labors. Not only nagradi himself a glass of vodka for each day struggle with alcohol. This is not the case when you need to fight fire with fire. Make yourself nice gifts. Again, there will be at least some incentive to wrap the received benefit. I can even bet with his friends for a large sum that you will live in accordance with any of the installations. It is advisable to bet a lot of money, because at the end of a pleasant addition to new skills will be crispy banknotes.

In General, try to prove to myself that this whole studied material is worth the time spent. If you need something and he’s interested in something, nothing can distract him from the goal. In the end, remember that the best advisers, as a rule, could not implement any of his tips. Here’s a flourish, here is such a paradox. Think about it. Moreover, sooner or later someone finds out that you can’t do anything suggest.

Oh, and finally – the best motivation from Lebedev: «How to motivate yourself to do something? Yes way, stay in the ass». In General, you understand the dark, though soft the future.

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