How to motivate yourself to do something?


Damn, how long I’m checked in, forgotten passwords, which he changed mail, to begin to live, started every time with another nickname here. Not working! Even in a poor contact I changed four pages, and life, a thousand devils, is not changed. But reading your article, filled with power and it may well be that through mesyatsok another creates a new page in the social. network and start a new life. Thank you for the work you are hell!

The question is. Tried all ways to change a life, and in my opinion, the only way out is to give a good stump. The problem is that my leg does not reach to the desired point of departure, damn it. And plans for «do» and tips «I read». Even parents tried to listen, but in the end, «zadolbalsya» to live his own life. Need something what I can not guess. Understand asking a lot, but still. Try, hell, not torture.

Sincerely, not trying to get rid of your subscribers!



My friend, you are our dear little brother! First, thank you for your kind words. They are like a balm for the soul drifts between ice disputes and misunderstanding of the wording. And secondly… it is True that we sincerely sympathize with you, because you really throw your life in front of us. We love all our readers, even those who always finds the flaws and inaccuracies in our grafomanskie texts (Timmy, my friend, we truly love you!), and therefore, all the questions from the community is very important to us. We take them seriously, and therefore to scribble big, Tits Cicciolina (brand metaphor in the style of, article. And skip every question through, often finding the symptoms similar to the disease we have.

But here’s the thing, darling asks. A couple of months ago, we answered a similar question. In fact, the problem was similar: people just didn’t know how to begin to implement the accumulated knowledge. We already wrote about how to move from words to action. I think this is the best article that I have written while working in I remember creating the text. Everything was built around one single phrase Lebedev, you need to fill a tattoo malambanyama every inhabitant of the old world:

«How to motivate yourself to do something? Yes way, stay in the ass!»If she does not bring to you the essence of what is happening, I have some bad news. This is not the case, when, «if something doesn’t reach over the head can be punched to convey through the liver». No one can help you if you don’t realize the necessity of change. Most likely, when life is stronger will pull you, you just finally give up.

We see ourselves through the written text you tired and very confused man, who, as the epic hero, Jon snow «knows nothing». Not wanting to follow someone else’s advice is not to live his own life. It’s basic laziness. Stupid, pathetic, miserable laziness. You are just too lazy to get together and to do something with his life. So maybe if you don’t have to change your life, you are satisfied? Then everything is very, very bad. After the realization of the changes come inaction and excuses. At such moments, a person is able to clear his miserable existence. A similar method for centuries are alcoholics, the homeless, the profligate and the average inhabitants of our vast country, which does not remember what it was like to live only what is to survive.

The janitor in your yard probably in the childhood dreamt to be someone else, for example a pilot. With what pleasure and admiration a young boy he went to watch movies Belmondo, where he in a white suit with a brand that captivates from both sexes smile enjoying luxurious life, in parallel with saving the world in the eyes of admiring ladies. As a result, what happened? And nothing good. But found guilty – all except him: people, circumstances, time, situation in the country. A little while, and you seek justification for their impropriety. But this is all nonsense, because there are people that out of all the mess left on the horse. He doesn’t like his life, but he excused himself. However, from the side they seem meaningless chatter. Can’t a normal person like the profession of a janitor. No matter how neat was the guard of the street clean, the people that are with him, will always hold their nose.

The same awaits you if you fail to control yourself. I agree, it’s very, very difficult, but possible. Strong-willed people have managed to do it. Even the fucking Ozzy Osbourne, who by all laws of nature should have been 8 times to die, climbed out of the deep pit of idleness, drug abuse and moral decay. However, it was the landmark of his wife, who helped him. In fact, he took the mind for the sake of it and piss rooms in a cheap hotel with his pants stained with their own vomit, he returned to the big stage.

No Council will change your life. Only you yourself can do. The Council is a form of nostalgia, a method of obtaining the truth from a huge pile of household rubbish. Therefore, our recommendations may not be suitable to you. It happens, everything in life is deeply individual. Look for others but if and they are you «allergic», it means that we must stop looking for excuses, you damn procrastinator and get ahold of yourself!

George Carlin rightly said, there is no motivation. Or do you want to change your life or not. Comfortable these processes are not, is like the treatment of alcoholism in bar: there are so many temptations to return to his former way of life, but it is impossible. Don’t look for motivation, look for stimulus. But only this will bring you intangible benefits (don’t argue with friends on the money that the summer nakachatsya). You say that we read a lot. How many texts have been written about motivation! If you have not been able to get to get to business, then you probably haven’t tried. Look for incentives that will make you better. If you are not smart enough to find them, or they seem like a luxury, stay in the ass. Just put my life on the shelves and look at it from the side. How much shit robs you of free time! If it is clear, inevitably begin to think, what would occupy his life. And maybe then you will become of a man-the tragedy of a man of action.

Dude, you’re not asking us about the «pink», a lot of them in each motivational articles. You really want us to walk you by the hand and poked a finger in you what is and what is not. But we do not guide, we give advice. We gave them a lot and on different topics. Don’t want to be gloomy, disgusted by the shit – get off your ass and change. Manually, not on autopilot, and excruciatingly painful. Otherwise, you are just too lazy. If lazy, better not come to us, we do not write for people like you. About like we said in many of our articles, and we are sorry that you did not notice. Nevertheless our whole heart and soul for you, dear friend. Get well soon!

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