How to mentally protect his lady?


Although differences by gender, these days are becoming increasingly blurred, we can’t deny that men are physically stronger than women. From the beginning they were called to be warriors, knights and soldiers. Men have always struggled with the intruders and predators, protecting women and children.

Of course, these days the physical skills for survival is not so necessary, and their importance is declining. However, the man should be ready to protect your home, if it will rush the robbers, and his woman in a street fight. But the days of courageous citizens and warlike soldiers were. But, despite this, men are still responsible for the protection of the weaker sex. Unfortunately, not all men are able to protect a woman from physical attacks, so they are bound to protect them at least from emotional harm, to keep safe her dignity and fragile heart.

Somehow I came across a study that has shown that while women believe a thin figure is perfect, but men prefer women with forms. So, what can it tell us? Firstly, men love women with forms. Secondly, women don’t believe it. Thirdly, contrary to popular belief, men are not to blame for the fact that there are these stereotypes. The fault lies entirely on women and media.

Not to be guilty in this issue, we men can support women and to make them feel better. I was so surprised when I realized that in fact women around me behaved so confidently in society, and in fact, felt so insecure in their abilities. Even beautiful women often feel ugly, fat and unattractive. Some men, of course, have the same feelings, but we women often feel comfortable.

Let me explain something: in the end, the man cannot make a woman feel good and confident in my body, love yourself. Her self-esteem is under its control and only she can fix everything. But this is just a naive excuse, because as we know, all people, men and women depend on other people. For my ladies you is the most influential person in my life. Remember that! And you should always keep it in heart and spirit in good health and good spirits. You’re only supposed to feed her confidence, not destroy it.

Become a modern knight

Be generous and often draw compliments. I often fall into the trap of his wife. I always thought «how beautiful», but very rarely said it to her out loud. I always thought that she knows it and there is no need for her to be reminded of. However, at one point, I realized that she is not to hear compliments. And I decided to fix the situation, trying every day to speak pleasant things and not just thinking about them. Whenever she feels insecure, be the man who will help her to get over it and she’ll appreciate it.

Don’t look openly at other women. It is natural to look at other attractive women, and all should understand it, including the weaker sex. However, it is necessary to control this impulse. If at dinner with the lady you allow yourself to openly stare at other women, it’s not very tactful towards his beloved. Such price other hand can make a woman feel extremely insecure in its appeal. And you must not allow this, if they wish to be near the Queen.

Protect it from harmful sources of information. Women recognized that advertising makes them feel like shit, but they continue to read Cosmo and other debris that destroys their entire confidence. If your lady likes to read magazines, buy her a subscription to less harmful magazine which does not set any standards of beauty.

Don’t look at porn. When you turn on a porn video to get aroused, you send your beloved an invisible signal that says «You’re cute, but so excited, I need to see these women with huge Breasts». At this very moment, you destroy another piece of her confidence, which keeps getting smaller.

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