How to memorize good articles


Hello, dear journal! So many useful things you learned and used that you don’t know where else to stuff information from you. Read the article on pournelle, thumb down, move on to another article, understand that once read it, but the essence of the text is forgotten. How to remember all your useful tips and not to forget them? On a piece of paper just will not write – the book will turn out.

The answer

Hello, dear reader! Nothing, we’re called loved? Because we do not invest in the meaning of anything that’s gay, we just love and appreciate all of our readers. It’s like a beloved friend, etc, etc?

And now to the question. Ativan from Athens on the question of which science is the most necessary, replied: «the Science forget the unnecessary». Maybe you these articles and do not need to memorize? Although knowledge superfluous does not happen, it is a fact. Okay, let’s try.

So, look at the bottom of this article there is a button «favorites». Since human memory is often adequate human mind to remember everything is impossible. So crazy close. Therefore, milstar have to reread some articles. Read, like, add to favorites. Then at the top on the main page you will see «favorites» click on it and reread when necessary. Otherwise, no way. I think we all remember his articles? Alas, but for written off amounts sometimes hard to remember what we wrote, and what not.

Even Rosenbaum not all of their songs remember.

In General, try to memorize not the content of the article and its main gist, key phrases, direct advice and teachings. To do this, as bequeathed to Kozma Prutkov, «behold the root». In the text because many words that do not convey the gist of the question. But otherwise writing we cannot, in the end, this is a journal, not a biology textbook.

But the point is not even always possible to remember. Brain because you need to forget to you go head and turned to Wasserman. Then you have to train your memory, mind, intelligence.

Again, come to the aid of our article. Take and thoughtful, as in school, literally learning these methods. And the best science – practice, so immediately, on the spot, try the suggested methods. By the way, all of our fit advice possible, as soon as you can make it happen. Read – once in the fight, even if we write about a trip around the world, and money is only enough for Hiking without food nearby villages. Trust me, then they’re definitely not forgotten.

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