How to memorize anything

Let’s be honest. I would like while playing with a friend in a card to remember each card that was played? An extremely useful skill. And most importantly, there is nothing impossible!

Would like many years to remember the name of his unfamiliar comrade what he does and the name of his wife not to strike in a dirt the person at the next meeting? This, too, nothing is impossible! And remember the names of all his exes? Also, you can!

Would look at 50 numbers for 90 seconds, to repeat them in the order in which they are written, and in the opposite? And it is possible!

It begs the typical question: «how can this be achieved?» Answer: using a simple system of mental maps. You’d be amazed at how many terabytes of memory contained in your head. This may sound too «promotional», but extremely effective. You should try it.

Here’s how to start:

1. Pick 5 areas in your home or office.

2. Each room should be at 5 points. Pronumeral these items from 1 to 25. The first item in the first room – No. 1, the first paragraph in the second room – No. 6, the first paragraph in the third room – # 11, and so on. For example: bedrooms – 1, table – 2, bed – 3, TV – 4, wardrobe – 5. Bathroom – 6 WC – 7, window 8, shower 9, drain 10, my mom’s epilator, etc… This is just an example, can divide the space in accordance with the conditions in which were. It does not have 5 spaces 5 filled with enough trash space.

3. All of these items is marked, you’ll have to repeat countless times. So don’t be surprised if there are sudden and unexpected desire to change the monitor or throw the Mat on which with long-term learning was seen a strange spot. We will call these items «files», if you don’t mind.

4. Now every time you want to remember something, turn the object in the picture and imagine a sort of stable analogy with him. Let’s say you need to memorize all the winners of the Champions League since 1990. For this we need to present a picture that is associated with them, and put the file with the names of 5 pieces in different places.

To remember something, you need a picture that you can imagine. For example, you want to remember shockingly heavy for a memory phone number 2075510 (phone code is not important). What may be associated these figures? 55? The anniversary of your father? 207 as 2007, you can add a zero at the end. Calcari, Amatory, «blazer»… Look at the numbers, and the vivid picture that came into your head, just be the key that will help you to remember it. In 2007, your dad was all alone. Sad, crazy, but memorable.

On the same example and try to recall the winners of the Champions League in chronological order. This is easier to use the nicknames of the clubs or the color of their shape. For example, Barcelona won the last Champions League. They are called blue garnet. Imagine grenades that lies on top of something. Or Messi, who is closely associated with this club.

To remember all of the winners League, you will need at least 24 of the file, numbered and signed, to be able to focus. Put them in groups of five (the 4) separately in different places. 5 pieces on the couch, 5 on the table, etc. 5 – easy to remember. Not too much, not too little. Your task – to mentally jump up to 6th file, with the first point, which lies on the sofa, and imagine an old Italian grandmother, contaminated on your couch, because in 1996 the Champions League Juventus won with the nickname «Old Madam». And then – to the 9th item, or the 4th piece of paper on your Desk. And imagine that at the table you have got the devil in red. So, who is this? Manchester United, popularly referred to as the «Red Devils». In the case of «Liverpool» it is easier to imagine the crane depicted on the coat of arms or the Beatles.

Next time to remember this list, you just go through the house, staring at the place where you lay «files», and associating these locations with names, so, very soon you will remember them.

This system can be used to memorize anything within 50 units: for example, numbers, important people, chapters, the sequence of Maslow’s pyramid, not just sports teams.

Happy memorizing!

This method was proposed by Ron white, the former U.S. champion on memorization, a world renowned guru on management of memory and a great lover of Scotch whiskey. Only in his example were the winners of the National League of America football classic But we nogomyach dearer.

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