How to meet the right people

manygoodtips.com_27.02.2015_NPgqi7cZa9tozWe already wrote how to spot a bad company, and now it’s time to find a suitable company. How? Let’s see!

How to meet the right people? A positive attitude is exactly what you need for a happy quality of life. Long-term relationships with good people — what is the dream of any man, unless he is not an exceptional misanthrope. And such are.

1. Learn to enjoy the company of a

It is not strange to build friendships with people, you must learn to enjoy solitude. Saying that the lack of fear of loneliness is the first symptom of unformed personality.

When you learn to do without other people, you become flexible in a relationship. People no longer need me as the means of salvation from loneliness, and now they interesting in themselves, as individuals. When you take people only as «pills from fear of being alone,» you can’t communicate with them and get pleasure from it. Try to spend some time without company. Every night, read good books, watch good movies and play good games, do some quiet hobby type of drawing or to set up a blog. Try to make sure that you were not alone. If you start alone, you will quickly realize that embarked on the right path.

2. Get in contact

Maintain old relationships and make new. Bro, there are so many ways to maintain a relationship! All these Twitter, Facebook, Vkontakte — there are so many ways to communicate with good people! Feel free to write them. Is not communication, then you don’t need these people or it’s not the people that you need. Calm down and forget it! To start a new relationship, pay attention to friends or clubs.

3. Be generous and help people

But don’t overdo it, dude! Let these guys do not sit on your neck. Remember that you have two hands: one to help people, and the other — in order to help yourself. Never forget about yourself, man! Oh yeah, I forgot, if you want to be a hero, start to help people genuinely, not because you think it’s right.

4. Feel free to register society of like-minded people

In social networks a lot of groups that organize meetings, seminars and lectures, most of which are absolutely free. Not counting the need to buy tea or coffee if the meeting is being held in a cafe. Remember, better relationships — relationships with like-minded people to you, dude, then what to say to them. So sign up in groups of lovers of literature, Board games, crossfit, software development or yoga. You will not regret! Especially local groups don’t forget.

5. Reach business leaders

In any company, society, club get good relations with informal leaders, coaches or mentors. If it is a drawing course for adults, even if you have a great relationship with the teacher. If it’s a group of friends, get a good relationship with their leader. If it’s the gym, whether on the short leg with the coach. Not only that, you will have all sorts of additional cool things, and you still and respect for all. Our dude!

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