How to meet and what to talk about with VIP

manygoodtips.com_14.09.2014_0BVeEqvjDiL4qImagine for a moment that you are in the Elevator. The door opens and enters the General Director of your company. Just you and him in a confined space.

One of you flies in his private jet, the other, that is, are you carrying mashed ham sandwiches from home, not to spend money on lunch.

Your heart is racing, palms are sweating, you know that this is a great and long-awaited opportunity, but can not really understand why this is chance and how to implement it.

Not surprising, because a sudden stressful situation have a direct impact on our mental capacity, just — in moments of turmoil you tupeyut eyes, grumble under his breath something unintelligible, and then regret that you behaved like an idiot.

You may have already found themselves, as was the opportunity to be among the famous and influential people, from media persons, ending with the tip of your workstation. I’m not talking about the General Manager, which nominally has the status of a chief.

If you’re motivated to work and career person and every time I see the representative of the powers that be, sweating like a pig, hiding the tremor in his knees, stuttering when answering a random question (obozhemoyonzadalmnevoproschtootvetit!), need to pull myself together and try to solve the issue.

These simple tips can give you a few thoughts about how to communicate with important persons who can influence your career. Or personally meet them, if you need to talk you already know.

The principles of suppression of stress-induced meeting with a VIP

Such a shock is very different from psychological stress resulting from fear of death or bodily injury.

«VIP-stress» caused by your own perceptions of power, influence, fame and success of a famous person. In the worst case, your mega cool boss may set you free, but no physical harm it you will not cause of course, if you’re not banging his wife and he did not know about it.

So the key to suppression of this voltage is to trick your mind, to convince him that this is the beginning of the interaction with the common man. The theory is good, but here are some practical tips: some of the principles of suppression of stress, if you’re nose-to-nose encounter with a VIP.

The law supplies

VIPs and celebrities are used to the fact that people around them are confused, worried and acting uncomfortable in their company. So if you can suppress this primal instinct to act in a peculiar manner to you, it probably will attract to you positive attention. Although if the excitement you’re going to puke in the middle of the reception, it is also unlikely to go unnoticed. Try to act and behave as if all these social events, important corporate events, business meetings with high-ranking guests — the usual and ordinary thing.

In this situation you can easily fit into the concept of «your circle» and you will not look like an outsider. Probably a cool dude even starts thinking: «Damn, this guy is also arrogant, where have I seen him?». Ideally he’ll be looking to ask you about it.

American psychologist Leil Lowndes in her book «How to talk to anyone about anything,» writes about the need to suppress the instinct of «first smile». In fact, you should «slow smile».

«Look at the face of another person within seconds. Pause. Make eye contact. Pause. And only then let a big, warm, responsive smile reflected in your face,» writes the author. Only pre-tripeiros this point, otherwise you risk to put yourself Hannibal Lecter, who seeks out his next victim in a crowd of strangers.

Assess the situation

VIPs, celebrities, CEOs, rock stars, politicians, high-level, popular bloggers all have something in common: a huge number of people they meet along the way, I want to tear them a piece of sweet and to have the benefit, at the same fucking brain hypocritical courtesies. Which is not surprising.

As a result, VIPs tend to surround myself with people who just do not ask them in return for their friendship.

You, in fact, profitable, able to «speak for you», does not hurt, but this truth must correctly apply.

If you have the opportunity to start a conversation, talk about things that can simply and humanly be of interest to the selected character. Recommend a great restaurant, a gym with appropriate team coaches, to discuss travel or well-known events of the cultural scale.

Find out in advance about what is interesting to the person, fortunately, ubiquitous social networks and the media can provide a maximum of information, even about the most famous hermit.

Performance of such work will increase your confidence and protect you from failure. After some investigation in advance, you increase the chance that you will get a natural and lively dialogue, because to ask the husband about how things are going in the firm N if it is not working — not the best option.

Methods: 6 creative tips for meeting VIP

Even if you’re able to cut at the root of your nervousness before an important person, remains a secondary barrier, and how this person can meet and speak on the urgent and important issues?

If you’re determined, you have a few of the old proven ways, not to rely on fate and coincidence in such an important issue.

1. Interview

Here is the first simple trick — ask for an interview. You can try to interview VIPs for an article in a newsletter for your blog, podcast, for the «social project», the name and idea of which will need to work on. Importantly, in the title use the word «charity» or «our benefactor».

Ask to conduct an interview online, via Skype or telephone, thus showing that you value the time his companion.

2. Write a sincere letter

It will not take you a lot of time, especially you lose nothing if you try.

Benjamin York was a young CEO of his own company in the early 1990s, when he decided to send a sincere letter to Steve jobs with suggestions on cooperation, in which he asked about a five minute personal meeting. In the first letter he received no reply and eventually sent seven letters and made 12 phone calls before it was heard.

Jobs had agreed to give him five minutes, which turned into a 45 minute dialogue with constructive ideas and suggestions. Steve said to meet him knocked out the letter he found and read.

3. Meeting at the conference

Every known representative of the VIP caste makes public statements, organizes the conference. And if you are interested in celebrity lives a hermit’s life, you should go to one of these performances. And when a celebrity will conclude my speech and ask for feedback, you’ll be ready.

4. Try to find common friends

The theory of six degrees of separation has not been canceled. The theory was put forward in 1969 by the American psychologists Stanley Milgram and Jeffrey Traverso, according to which any two people on Earth are separated, on average, only five levels of mutual friends (and, accordingly, six levels of connections).

5. Find out the location of the party

Do not have to break into the most expensive clubs in the city, where you will not pass face control. Maybe it will be a cafe or a bar, whatever. Nothing human is alien to even the most powerful.

6. Record a video

For example, you can do a video review of a new book or product, which has been released interested in your personality.

A short clip of two minutes or less that will show your involvement and interest in the subject, may have the desired effect. Share videos via social networks, do need hashtags.

We believe that you’re lucky and you catch a celebrity’s tail. Most importantly, do not break the privacy, of action without fanaticism and in the framework of the law.

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