How to manage the business in the family?

Everything in life can be easily corrected and a new level of an organization. In a relationship with a girl same thing: you need to keep moving forward to achieve harmony and intimacy. Otherwise the relationship will turn into a swamp will cease to develop, and you two will sit in one place in timid anticipation of what to do next? These tips work equally well for married couples and for those who are just starting their relationship. They will help you to improve communication and better understand your mate.

1. Family Council, 19.08.2013, pZGGBjpQxQoXeE2sGSdDea0IiWb4QUQa

Get in the habit of talking once a week. Not just sitting in an embrace on the couch, and around the table over tea with nishtyak regarding the business atmosphere. At this meeting you can decide what to do next, to discuss the main issues that has boiled on a shower. These meetings should not be too long and not too short to not have the feeling of debt. Too strong the gravity will turn your meetings in unpleasant moments, so be chill.

2. Schedule, 19.08.2013, pMSqZcQhO6chDUqx2gozHvhG1rXGjg1f

This may be a schedule of cleaning, cooking, to go somewhere, or even spending time together for a good show. If you think it’s boring and wrong, what relationship do not, I’ll tell you honestly, you’re wrong. Lack of organization can kill a relationship faster than total anarchy. Of course, to be pedantic with the schedule of each day is not as high, but the schedule of cleaning and cooking is the perfect thing. When there is a schedule, everyone knows what to do, no recriminations and constant quarrels over unwashed mugs. If the girl is working, a mug to wash you for a have always.

3. Keep track of finances, 19.08.2013, EpOJwxJnce3BGrDD00fvQCrM1S6ESNR7

You first need to figure out how to share joint finances. The total budget, common pot, overall budget, but allocation to each of a small amount of money? In any case, it is necessary to understand that sharing money is a great idea. To track Finance, there are many programs on the phone and on individual sites. But no one ever bothered to just record all receipts and expenses in a special notebook.

4. To minimize financial interest, 19.08.2013, tl1RE8fhCtSUcsdtuU9LlwEYEj6mqtHt

Everyone wants justice. If the girl pays all the bills, buys food and leaves the leftovers to the pool, and you rarely buy something the house of justice is not the question. If the opposite occurs garbage, too. The best way to arrange Finance, if there is a fear that you can cheat or not enough trust in Finance is simply to set the percentage amount of money that everyone put in a pool. Or, for example, put in the family budget the same amount of money, not to fear. Actually, ideally, you just need to work on relationships, to avoid mistrust.

5. Make a shopping list, 19.08.2013, lmcCvD0ZPcQsfS4PsqSCM4wopNMe6KlL

There is nothing worse than to come home and realize that you forgot something. Sometimes some stupid guys begin to yell at the girl like she was not warned. It’s all nonsense! To return is a waste of time and energy. And make a list together — very common. In addition, you can discuss or buy this cheese if it is for you too expensive. Free time to spend on each other!

6. Use electronic payment systems to pay, 19.08.2013, venlmcu9WyN9pB794W9yrf9cgz4GbwZV

It is quick and easy. You can pay bills, order food, purchase things. You also need to divide to pay the bills. This month you pay for water, next. For products pay together. Or she always buys the groceries, and you always account. As soon as I get done with this, use automation and send money via e-wallets.

7. Regularly check email, 19.08.2013, vFkFO0MamFFUe92ECCGxYDJNwhb7mbrt

It disciplinarum. Invoices, receipts of shipments and orders — simply set the time or person. All spam, bills, etc put in a fixed place, not to lose.

8. Have a pool and a box for coins, 19.08.2013, vERGpTacx2NAckQvRRkGb6viTRN2ujfC

For large bills need to find a special Treasury, which must hide as best you can and then to find. For small things, find a common box and regularly dump all the change from his pockets. On the one hand, this will help to avoid cluttering up pockets and purses, and on the other hand, a great help when around some big bills and need to buy bread, milk and eat cat. To ignore them, I should say, not worth it, the most important thing in the box for money — it must be one and must be constantly replenished.

9. Separate domestic responsibilities, 19.08.2013, 8QAB5gtnzTo0I1XjRsyEAk1r4peAwKWA

Do not say that all household chores — a lot of women. Dude, on the twenty-first century, the girl works along with you, her salary more or less close to yours or even higher than yours. The girl spends at work the same time as you, she comes home around the same time as you. Only you can relax, and she needs to cook, clean and wash the dishes. Some inequality is obtained, right? To hell with these Patriarchal troubles, responsibilities should be divided!

Housework should be divided so that everyone was involved and everyone got about the same piece. If you don’t like to clean my dishes. If you do not like to vacuum, dust. Know how to cook, but do not know how to clean up — talk to the girl about it!

10. Put your and her duties at the paper, 19.08.2013, oQLrJ4vB6PJaSXL9pq1gKmf0IApSJOgj

Or take advantage of special apps, they are now on the Internet a dime a dozen!

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