How to manage anger

manygoodtips.com_23.04.2014_JBKca3NAflfKNEvery day is full of annoying obstacles, troubles and minor setbacks that can ruffle anyone. It is therefore important to understand how important it is not to be angry hurl. You don’t fit in the deadline, your favorite t-shirt someone had spilled beer in the bar you lost your keys at home — you should be able to Express anger in such a way so as not to lose face. First, women are not in a hurry to live side by side with men that explode for any reason. Second, you’re at the risk of sounding hysterical. Thirdly, if someone will write what is happening in the video, use this you certainly will bring. So read and memorize how to control your anger.

1. Admit you’re evil

The worst thing you can say when you’re angry: «I’m not mad». With these words, the anger will not go away and will only intensify. Ask yourself, «What pisses me off?» — find the answer to this question. Depending on the answer you can choose or discuss what happened, or accept the fact that this has not changed. Moreover, you can understand that getting rid of anger is not necessary: you aren’t evil. Irritation and frustration is easy to confuse with anger, but it’s different emotions. The better you understand yourself, the easier you will find the solution to their problems.

2. Never mind

You don’t pay attention to crazy town, who shout on the streets or in public transport? Similarly, it is possible not to draw attention to the evil comments of relatives, colleagues, and Internet trolls. If you were rude in response, it will not lead to relief. When it comes to posting online, angry tirades, it is better to abstain. Studies have shown that post to Twitter, Facebook or blog about who you upset, will upset you even more. If your ego prompts you to prove your innocence, tell him to shut up.

3. Be proactive

You’re going to react to stimuli depends on you — this is the essence of being proactive. If you realize your anger, it will be easier to control it. In other words, you have to accept and understand what annoys you and why you allow it to change your mood. For example, if you swear at the wheel, try to figure out what will make you less nervous driving experience. Maybe you should switch radio? Or think about the road, not on the events of the day? Proactive approach very soothing.

4. Distance themselves from themselves

When you feel angry, think about what you want to do, and then imagine how it will unfold this scene. This technique, experts called alienation, and studies have shown that it is able to stop the aggressive reactions. Alienated from the moment of your emotions, you become more objective and can rationally explain his irritation, instead of annoying everyone around her problems. Anger activates the limbic system of the brain responsible for impulsive behavior. Your task is to rein in the cortex of the frontal lobe, which is involved in these arguments. Or buy a punching bag and nikolajeva from it sand. Importantly, the method was effect!

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