How to make your voice more pleasing



Good day. Recently ran into this difficulty: did the video and I heard your voice. He I, frankly, did not like. Now, please tell me how to make your voice more pleasant.


Well, we checked on the recorder sound the voice of each of our newsroom and a burst of laughter began to write you the answer. Think with the early testing of technologies such as video and audio recording of all of humanity has suffered a total fiasco. «How? This is che, I have such a terrible voice??». So. And you don’t have to put up with this, this «problem» can be solved. Of course you have to put a bit of effort or even a lot. In any case, don’t despair, you always forget how you the man.

To give more depth of your voice is enough to perform some exercises, repeat after us:

1.Listen to yourself

You also need to understand how you sound. Knowing your voice pitch you can control its sound. You can stand in front of a mirror and read a passage from a favorite play or song of Eminem, or you can record your voice on tape, as did we. Some devices will correctly transmit the sound, so work hard to find quality equipment. Don’t try to write sad murmur on her Motorola. Tiny recorders do not reproduce deep bass sound.


Drink warm water or warm weak tea before beginning vocal exercises. A warm drink will help to relax the muscles of throat and larynx. But cold water will do the ligament tough, the sort of thing you need if you want to practice the use of high voice. But why do you need it do not know.


Breathe naturally. Breathe deeply enough to fill your lungs and improve breath control. You don’t need a short and shallow breaths.

Your posture is important in achieving a positive result. If you stand with your back straight, this will open the diaphragm. Then the air will move freely and it will help you speak more clearly. Check your posture in front of the mirror. Don’t slouch like a hyena. High time to remember that the back should be straight.


Open up naturally in order to speak normally.

Don’t shout and don’t talk in a rough voice. Such a pronunciation can cause damage to the throat and voice. Well, if the sound persists, despite your best efforts, you might have some slight throat trouble. It would be nice if you went to the doctor.

5.Develop a low voice

The voice comes deep from the throat, your lips are open and the chin pointing down to your chest, this will help to warm up your voice;

Humming slowly raise your chin, your voice should sound from the depth;

Add some pleasant sound make tone of voice went through the nose;

Make your voice pleasant, not difficult, but it needs to work constantly. Yes, it’s long, but if you want along with a pleasant deep voice to get beautiful and amazing girls, you should do it. 20 minutes a day of regular such exercise will make you a real macho. If not outwardly, then at least by hearing you’re a nice person.

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