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We have some week relationship. But it’s good: maybe next week we will write an article about crossfit that even someone like. Hope. This article is about dealing with people in General: mom, dad, relatives, girlfriend, friends. And how to make the relationship better. You will be after these tips and your loved ones, so don’t ruin your life and read our tips.

1. Free yourself from negative people

We even have about this whole article was. Here check this out.

2. Let go of those who have already left

If your dog is dead, bury her. Don’t leave: she stinks. Also, no need to be friends with the former: first, friends you will never. Friends maximum. If you meet more than once a week should think about your feelings. Or about her feelings: perhaps there is anything not clean. And, dude, the girl is very nice to feel close to the former. Regardless of how you feel to your ex, so she thinks you’re still with her, secretly sigh. And certainly regret that it’s over. Girls fucking love stradateley. Notice that not all love for the sake of justice. But stradateley girls still love, because it enhances it in the eyes of other girls: look how males next! And you want to be streatlam and be in something like the friend zone? Only a friendly relationship without recriminations. And for this we must forgive. How? Read this article here, it’s good, I’ve tried, and you still can not read.

3. Always give people a chance

Sometimes we look at a girl and think she’s nothing. But next time when fate pushes the two of us, we suddenly realize that it is in all respects very personal. But we still hold onto that first impression, because I believe that it is not cheating. The first impression seldom deceives an experienced people but deceiving them. Often the first impression generally inaccurate and far from the truth. We love to tag people, because I try to save time. Wrong. We brachem a good man, not knowing that not everyone can immediately and quickly we like to attract attention and prove to be magical. Just give people a second chance. But not too much.

4. Accept people for who they are

This means, don’t invent them advantages, which are not, and do not try to change them. Why do you have hemorrhoids?

5. Use your imperfections to improve ourselves

If you have your own interests and aspirations, don’t give up on them, because society will not appreciate. On the other hand, don’t be shy to improve yourself. Best love to yourself — self-improvement.

6. Do nice things for the people around

Hold the door, buy a colleague a coffee or leave her a little candy. Help the grandmother to involve the subway bag, give place to the disabled, to share Breakfast with one, buy sweets and give them out at work. It’s nice.

7. Pay more attention to those who are considered close friends

Possibly more. But do not overdo it.

8. Be faithful

The most important the stupidity of life. Do not substitute friends, and not come on promises that can not fulfill, and don’t cheat on your beloved. If love has passed, wilted tomatoes, and on the horizon a new friend, come to old and tell the truth. And then to go to a new one. Or to go anywhere. In any case, when you’re in a relationship, loyalty is a priority.

9. Hold back your promises and always tell the truth

Of course, this is not the occasion to speak to his friend in the face that he is an asshole, but the girl dress is not. Need to know when to tell the truth, and not confuse it with rudeness. Man differs from man the ability to make promises. And lack of fear to give them. You are in fact a knight, who swears, let it be stupid vows such as «do Not sit with the Saxons at the same table!» If you promised to appear somewhere — be there. Promised to do something, do it. If you feel something for the girl — talk. If you don’t feel — don’t lie. Never tell half-truths and do not deviate from the answer. Do you think other people will appreciate it? However, in this article a half — truth is a moot point.

10. Always tell people what you mean

Don’t leave space for ambiguity and the search for deeper meaning. And then they find him! Very often the person is sure that everyone is able to understand, and can understand only wrong, so he prefers to feed people pieces of information in the hope that they will understand. And because people are different and understand differently. In the end, my friend, you’re the strength of materials, which is so ill understood. Share information with other people, full of information without omissions. Dump on them all at once. Half of the problems between people is the result of lack of normal communication.

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