How to make your life a little bright colors

We already felt like you woke up in the desire or just the idea that it would be cool if life sparkle with new colors. Sooner or later everyone gets tired of what surrounds him every day and goes in search of new sensations and ways to make your life brighter, more interesting and better. We are ready to accompany you in this business, to provide advice, proven ideas and all necessary information, because we know that you are one hell of an experimenter.

1. Try something extreme


Let’s face it, nothing invigorates and do not turns your world upside the head like a thrill. We all crave the extreme, because since his arrival in our lives is invaded by a company of mad guys, such as adrenaline and endorphins that instantly make you a superhero lucky. Situations in which you can experience these feelings, an unlimited variety, from extreme sports to tattoos. If you always dreamed to jump with a parachute or to experience bungee jumping then now is the time. A situation in which your comfort zone is begging for mercy — the most useful. The easiest way to let your life Shine in bright colors by overcoming the conditions that scare you or excite (in a good way, of course). Doing something risky or extreme, you will not only feel freer and stronger, but will discover something new that will surely bring new emotions.

2. Street Hiking

Street Hiking is a variety Hiking, and as you already understood from the title, organize a holiday in the city. Travel and new discoveries always stimulate, but if not, then at least will definitely add brightness to your vision of the world. Street Hiking around the city very easy to organize. You can go as yourself, to think about the bread, taking in the sights, and the friends with whom you can have a great time on the road. The route can choose any, depends on your ingenuity. Sites Hiking or in special programs you’ll be able to find lots of interesting routes that open up different parts of your city that you might not know previously. But if this isn’t for you, you can make your own route. Hiking can be a little update and go on the same plan and on the machine. And, of course, a well-planned road trip is not only enjoyable time on the road, and a sea of new sensations.

3. Adopt a pet


If you’ve never had animals, but when you’re a kid, as a kid from Carlson, dreamed about a dog, why not have a faithful friend in the period when there is not enough ink? The appearance of a pet in the house associated with a lot of new experiences, activities, and experiences. Plus, comes another great company, this time more restrained: responsibility, care, love. Pupils are always an integral part of life, and indeed can bring happiness and variety. Think how many different situations you have to deal with his dog or cat, how many funny videos you can upload to Instagram. And if you’re not ready for such a step right now, you can always enjoy the animals remotely, helping friends to feed the dog while they’re away, for example.

4. Start to learn a foreign language

To improve your skills — a great option when there is not enough novelty. Not necessarily seriously to educate ourselves, or to look for a second degree. Sometimes it is enough just to learn greetings in different languages, and have fun. But seriously, find interesting courses that will help you get new and interesting skills, and foreign language can be a good option that will be useful during the journey, the work, and just expanding your horizons.

5. Do yourself a surprise

In order to spice up their life sometimes it is enough just to buy something that will make you happy. If you’ve been wanting to buy a new smartphone, old-school guitar or a fitness bracelet, then why not do it now? New purchase will surely give pleasure and will make your life brightness. Also helps in such a situation, a feeling of surprise. If you have received or have done surprises before, then you know how to open something and be surprised. If not, that is a great way to experience this feeling.

To surprise friends or to enjoy yourself, you can order the MegaBox. This thematic collection of useful gifts in one box. Opening MegaBox, you don’t know what awaits you, and so there is always a chance to wonder, to laugh and to get a lot of pleasure. To buy this box very beneficial because you can save 30% than if you bought all these items separately.

Choose a great set of very simple, as all MegaBox divided into categories, so that you can satisfy everyone. We also wanted thrills and promptly ordered a set of Geek. After receiving the box, we gathered for a very long time could not decide to open it, everyone was wondering what we got. Inside were many interesting things: stylish notebook creative passport cover, wallet for cards and even a selfie stick. We did a bunch of pictures of how we share the surprises and exchanged them to each other. Immediately went to test gravity content. A lot of emotions got, and of course, painted a little life.

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