How to make your home truly smart

Once, long ago, people were happy and candles, not in every house they were. With the advent of electricity, the world changed. Technology greatly diversified the life of man, made her more comfortable and safe. We already can not imagine how to live without air conditioning, television, computer. But, the more wealth is in your housing, the more difficult to manage, and scary that your well-being anyone can encroach. Fortunately, knowledgeable people figured out how to make your home «smart» and safe, about this we you and tell you.

Install security system

As they say English football fans, who managed to hide from the French gendarmes at home: «my house — my fortress». But the British, as shown by «Monty Python» live in ancient castles surrounded by wide moats. What do the simple city dweller who has not accumulated the castle, and to live in security wants? Take your place, certainly it has accumulated a lot of good, money and expensive plasma. Hate to see all this stuff went to someone’s playful hands, isn’t it? But what is between your flat and the thieves? Alarm? A thick iron door? The Concierge? Funny, for the pros nothing is to circumvent all these so-called «obstacles».

But no need to be afraid of, way out there, and, as you might guess from the title, this will help the system «smart house». Just do not fantasize that some superprocessor automatically in case of danger will raise up an army of aggressive, armed with lasers drones. It’s not so belligerently, but more safely. And it’s not limited to simple CCTV and alarms, they often react when it is too late. We are talking about locking doors and Windows, instant notification, broadcast from the camera on the phone. This can actually protect. Moreover, it is done automatically, in case of the slightest danger. If desired, the system can even capture and neutralize a villain, but for an additional fee.


Not to be unfounded let’s consider all it on example of one simple family. Parents from morning till night gone at work, but want to know what happens in the second apartment and in the safety of their children that are there.

How it works: first of all, when you open the front doors on the phone owners got an alert and sent a picture of home surveillance cameras aimed at the door. That is, the door opened, and from that moment you can observe what is happening online.

Another useful feature was the installation of a video intercom system that captures the call, save a photo of the intruder and automatically connects it to the host. Very useful if in the house there were children, a girl and elderly parents, whose life is very much worried.

Of course, as soon as the owners crossed the threshold of the house, the annoying alert cease to bother them. Such systems installs Z-LIFE. And the decision on security and access control are only part of the possibilities of a smart home system, which they are renowned.

A world that turned on by itself

In the morning you Wake up in front of the TV, shake it off, crumbs of crisps and throwing the consequences of yesterday’s partying. Notice with horror that before the boarding of the plane were not more than an hour. In the confusion, put on pants, to cram into his mouth a spoonful of instant coffee, not even diluting it with water, spend a warm iron on the wrinkled pants, grab a prepared bag with a passport, waving his hand to clean the teeth and run in the form of stuffed, combing on the go. In the rush to catch a taxi, and at the entrance to the airport you start to remember that it is not turned off the iron, TV, and a bunch of devices. And what do people do? Nothing, just go to the app on your smartphone, and unplug everything you need.

In fact for most, the essence of «smart» home comes down to light control. Of course, it is not so, but the truth in this. «Smart house» is when you don’t even have to think about what we need to turn on the light, he would do it himself. Imagine how cool that is in the middle of the night, on the way to the bathroom, he turns on the light with low brightness, so as not to hit the eyes. And do not poke the wall in search of switch, don’t blink, just go to your goal is not buzz.

Not hard to guess that these systems are not cost 5000 rubles, and the electrician uncle John none of this would have been. But firms such as Smart Bricks have special offers, in the style of «economy», the price will not affect the quality. In addition to adjusting the light in this set is control floor heating, security alarms, sensors, doors and Windows and protection from water leaks. Before leaving on vacation, you don’t have to worry about what you accidentally flood the neighbors, because recently changed the plumbing and not sure what all was done safely, or that the Underfloor heating will destroy you — the system will turn off their unnecessary. By the way, to install «Smart Brick» you can do it yourself without much problems, and installation will take no more than two weeks.

Mood climate control

The pleasant life — to come home, and air, he had cooled the room to a comfortable temperature. Now when the street is particularly hot, it seems unreal, something out of science fiction. But really, it’s a sign of the climate control. Climate control has ceased to be a rarity. Modern house equipped with a whole set of equipment to create a favorable climate is heating, Underfloor heating, air conditioning, ventilation, devices for humidifying the air. And all this energy system requires constant attention and control: on / off, setting modes etc with the help of automation all devices can be controlled touch pad or smartphone. Simple and convenient.

You can centrally define the desired temperature in each room to track the current status of climate instruments. To program the time on and off the Underfloor heating on a timer.

No rounds, no worries. All you have to do is ask the right parameters. Everything else — business equipment.


You can take a ready-made system, and also have the ability to choose the parts based on their needs and finances. In any case, better to do it under the supervision of professionals. It does not even have to leave your home, all of you can prepare through the Internet. For example, the company INSYTE has simplified this problem to a minimum — just need to set on the website settings of his apartment, wishes, then specialists will process all your wishes and offer several options. You can order a complete voice control of all functions of smart home: the climate, light, blinds and cinema control and air conditioning and much more.

You are probably interested in how much it can cost. And actually, not as much as can be expected. The cost of equipment for a Studio apartment roughly 50,000 rubles., bedroom — 70,000 rubles., bedroom — 90000 RUB. but the price for larger homes can reach up to half a million.

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