How to make wax clothing with their hands

manygoodtips.com_19.06.2014_lxIPL82nrs0FZHumanity’s need for waterproof clothing appeared long before the creation of synthetic fabrics. Of course, the social group most interested in the development of effective methods of waterproofing at all times were sailors. In the 15th century oil and fish oil was used to soak the sails. From century to century the technology of production of water-resistant fabric improved.

In the 19th century as an impregnation of steel to use paraffin is a waxy mixture of hydrocarbons derived from petroleum. Subsequently, there was a whole industry of production of waxed clothing, cloaks and capes waxed cotton emigrated from sea to land. Waterproof clothes soon ceased to be the subject of a purely utilitarian, today, wax jackets, bags and more is an element of the style which, incidentally, is quite expensive.

If you have a situation where you will need waterproof clothing, do not rush to buy, you can save their money and turn ordinary clothing into his hands waxed.


You will need:

wax (paraffin or natural)


From the clothes we used:




Before you begin, remember: the wax can slightly alter the color and texture of your stuff, and the response of different tissues to it will also be different.

Oh, and don’t forget to ensure that your things dry and clean.

Step 1

Heat the wax and clothes with a hair dryer.


Step 2

Apply the wax on the clothes. At this stage you have to be patient and apply physical force. Just RUB the wax into the fabric until then, until you get a smooth layer with a minimum thickness of one millimeter.


Don’t forget the most remote places — the small details and seams. Your task is to apply the wax to the entire surface of the product. Use your hands to evenly distribute the load across the surface of the fabric.


Don’t forget to remove the excess wax with the metal parts on the clothing.


Step 3

Warm up the product with the wax again, and with your hands spread the wax layer uniformly over the entire area of the product.

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Step 4

Leave things for 24 hours in a warm and dry place to dry.


Step 5

To ensure water resistance, it is recommended to repeat the waxing procedure about once a year. Don’t wash these things in machine or by hand. To remove dirt from them will be sufficient to use soap and cold water. To get rid of the characteristic smell, you need to put things in the freezer for the night.


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