How to make wallet thicker

manygoodtips.com_25.07.2014_qmgHJfGMkIzkoDid you ever envy that guy, who at 23 has launched a successful startup? When you’re faced with your same age, who earns more than you, the first thought usually is: what am I doing wrong?

Alas, my friend, there is no magic lockpicks, using which you could instantly get rich. However, we can give you a few tips on how to achieve financial prosperity.

1. Do your education

And by «education» we mean not only and not so much getting the «crust» (although it is sometimes useful), but real knowledge and skills. Perhaps, in your University course has to have at least a couple of significant disciplines, and outside of the University a few worthy of your attention of objects and phenomena. Never stop learning, to learn new things. The inside of your head may play a role in your career.

2. To make acquaintance

Communication is an integral part of any story about career success. And the point here is not that you have somewhere arranged to pull, just Dating give you the opportunity to show themselves to the right people, to learn about the hidden jobs in a particular area, to any other insider information.

3. Demonstrate your knowledge

No one will ever guess that you know how to write programs in Python if you don’t care to tell the world about it. Create your own website, the public VC, youtube channel, start a blog, in the end. Share your knowledge with people, you may be someone who will appreciate it.

4. Work on discipline

It is unlikely you will be able to achieve financial success prosazhivaya all the money in the first evening in the bar.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Never be afraid to ask even the most absurd, in your opinion, questions. Better you hear it now than make a serious mistake because of their own ignorance.

6. Learn from successful people

To watch a feature film about jobs is not enough to really learn from his experience. Read the biography, go to workshops, read his autobiography, in a word, learn the experience of others. It can be very valuable to you.

7. Learn

There are two wrong behavior after you made the mistake of cutting the veins out of desperation or not care at all and move on. To error benefit, you must turn it into experience. Making a mistake, don’t despair, calmly analyze what and why you did wrong and only then go further.

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