How to make vintage skateboard

manygoodtips.com_9.07.2014_HjApxmBjzHbFJWe understand that hardly now someone has difficulty with the purchase of a skateboard. But if you want to not an ordinary Board with the nearest specialized shop and not expensive, a status thing from a reputable manufacturer, and something exclusive, our «recipe» vintage skateboard for you.

You will need:

maple boards with a thickness of about 1 cm, a width of 6.5 cm;

metal rods 5 cm in length;

furniture glue;


hand saw;


a power drill;

wheel from the old and bad skate;


For the sake


1. First, cut 3 boards to a length of about 80 cm With grinder or sandpaper sand edges of boards.


2. Drilled two holes each on the sides of each Board. Using furniture glue stick in the holes of the metal pins.


3. Glue boards together. Secure with clamps and leave to dry overnight. After drying remove the excess glue with a razor blade and the same grinding machine.


4. Cut the «tail» and attach it to a future Board as well as fastened the boards together with glue and metal pins. Be careful, the «tail» must be fixed at an angle of 45 degrees to the main square of the Board.

5. Give the rounded shape of the «nose» of the Board, cut the excess handle region.


6. Screw the wheels from the old Board. Apply stain to a Board, RUB it over the entire area, wait for complete drying.


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