How to make sushi rolls and samurai

Poradi.yak.ua_25.07.2016_pPontSeJHSsAbSushi-rollermania has long embraced the planet. Japanese cuisine has become so popular that now sushi bars have become almost more pizzerias. The restaurant was full of rice blamble with rice, many, if not all, at least once in life tried to cook them at home. However, it is not always possible to prepare sushi as good as any gray-haired, veteran master of Avebue’m just putting up with the worn butt of the knife. So we’ve put together tips such chefs here to make you better prepared.

Cooked, eaten immediately


«Sushi is like French fries,» says Tyson Cole, one of the most popular sushi chefs in new York. «It is best to eat them immediately after cooking, because every next minute they will die.» In short, to make sushi and rolls for tomorrow morning is a crime and disrespect. For nigiri lived outside of the stomach minute — a disgrace for which she takes revenge indigestion.

The flavors should be balanced


Smell is a key element of taste. A piece of mackerel would have a strong flavor, and not to confuse guests and myself, add to the dish a little ginger, green onions and the fields above lemon juice. In any case, the master of Taichi Kitamura advises so. The main thing is to make the smell balanced by adjusting the uni with wasabi and Bonito with garlic.

Each fish requires a different piece


A reasonable question — how many fish? It all depends on its fat content. Fish low-fat varieties, such as white or flounder, are fine for paper thin pieces, as it all muscles. For more oily rocks the size Adjuster are condiments. For example, particularly fatty marine reptile needs to be three times more piece of wasabi. Then the land will acquire the perfect taste fishy.

Live fish — a special approach


Be careful working with such creatures as shrimp, octopus and clams. They have one feature — to produce protective secret in a moment of danger. It tastes and smell bad, like a crap rare. Therefore, it is necessary to be especially attentive, treating them alive. Not an easy task, some of this 20 years old study. So lie to them, it’s all good, and you’re not going to kill them.

Not all pieces of the same fish


The anatomy of the fish is uneven. Just as different cuts of beef are exposed to the different styles of cooking, sashimi, nigiri or rolls fits a certain part of the fish. The tail is mostly muscle and fish engine. Not the best choice for sashimi, so use this part for rolls.

Minimum food waste


Why sushi is good? Why sushi bars have opened more than dumplings? Well, demand creates supply. And… because a good sushi chef uses all parts of the fish, keeping waste to a minimum. Scarce with the bones it does not throw, just spend wisely.

Than dojdlivoe season, the wet grain

Any adequate sushi chef will tell you that rice is equally an important ingredient as fish, if not even more important. Perfect rice means more than just cereal, cooked in the right proportions of water and vinegar. Therefore, chefs are choosing the cereal, which describes the seasonality of planting. Because dojdlivoe season — the less moisture is required to prepare. In the bean it is not enough.

Independent, but identical grains of rice


Inexperienced cooks like to tenderize the rice to the state of the clay. It’s sticky, less compact, and more like a dumpling. But grain, though, and have a good stick to each other, while maintaining integrity. In order to get a «piece of rice to a piece of rice», stirred the vinegar and rice by using hands or a special spatula, and using a wet towel. Not as cool, but effective.

Each knife has a specific purpose


The best sushi knives are made of iron and not stainless steel and manufactured by the same method as samurai swords. Different knives for different purposes, and the chef knows when and how to use it. Some of them are so gentle that the professionals do not recommend even touching them fish bones.

Not of the knife, and razor


Says, Katsunori Kawaguchi, each chef begins his day with a knife sharpener. The main rule is that the knife was sharp. Cutting is a grace of action, driven not so much by strength as accuracy. Knives should be razor sharp through the most whimsical fabrics, like a bullet through paper. Otherwise, if blunt knife will not cut, and the pressure — structure of the land will be ruined.

Only fresh marine reptiles


Fresh, delicious, clean fish — the key to delicious dishes. Too bright the taste of the food. It’s not rice, is a product that is always felt, and if it is, to put it mildly, not fresh or unworthy of anything good from the dishes will not work. So, if you have the opportunity to visit the fish market, and choose friends the frogman from a trusted hands — then that’s fine. If not, take care of elite suppliers.

Personal approach for Bon appetit


But the main secret of all good wizards Japanese cuisine is a personal approach. This attitude to every customer, because each sushi, every roll is supposed to be cooked with great love and respect for the client. Moonlight is strictly prohibited. Negligence, even in the home, pulls a harakiri.

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