How to make peace with the boss and not to take off from work

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Books in all the world, in every encyclopedia, it’s time to enter the red feather, that the world is 10,000 years is not divided into such silly categories as good and evil, carnivorous and herbivorous, optimists and pessimists. Even so close to the truth as the people cleaning the banana with me or something, and people who throw used toilet paper in a special box or directly to the water depths, strayed from the truth. Mankind consists of exactly two types: superiors and subordinates. These high ratios are typical of prevailing idiocy, even freelancers, freelancers, and other titans of the independent labour at the time of order and completion of work, subject to the taste and requirements of the customer.

Where in these relations good and evil where so I can’t tell you: those and other harm so that it becomes a shame. However, one thing is quite clear: those other people, even superiors. And, as every person is, your boss – the person is receptive, resentful and vulnerable. That is, you work with papers on the complex production of simulated work activities, working a second year without a vacation, tired of the constant remarks and bustling confusion of the office, and then BANG-BANG-GOO frustrated. Because sooner or later everyone is going through that unfortunate moment in life when he feels that he understands the Affairs of the organization better than his superiors, and at this moment you publicly put the chief on his mistakes. With all subordinates at the cleaners aunt Zoe you with the fury of Brock Lesnar, which makes the meat to a pulp with the lifeless carcass of the Novel Raines, to debunk the «cult of personality» of his superiors. All told, all showed everyone like crap. Maybe everything said in fact, there’s only one catch: you still have to work under the tireless leadership of its head (if you, of course, was not fired for speaking skills).

The chief will remember and will make every effort to turn your performance of professional duties in Hell, who never dreamed of by the inhabitants of the besieged Constantinople. He will rape you in all positions with particular cynicism and unprecedented elegance. And here two choices: either go (now what?), or to put up with.

Of course, the reasons for fighting can be a lot: maybe you just got the user constant delays, failure to fulfill assigned tasks in time, and maybe the detractors are shared with the authorities of those obscene jokes that you released him, Pietrasanta in the Smoking room, and maybe he just doesn’t like your face, you’re like the gym teacher who bullied him in his younger years. No difference, just as our editors have done the crying of one of our readers that dare to tell the boss to mistakes, so we gave this example. No matter what the cause of the quarrel: we will reconcile you with the boss! Cowardly is not the time to write a letter of resignation, it’s time for once in your life to walk the line of most resistance.

Who is right and who is wrong


So, the Falcon clear, sometimes to achieve a positive result, you need to put your pride in the places people decided not to show it. You know the old parable?

Long ago in an ancient city there lived the Master surrounded with pupils. Most capable of them all could not wait for the time when the mentor will make himself master. The days passed, resentment was brewing, and decided that he was better than his master, the apprentice decided to show the students who the daddy cult. It went on a blooming meadow, caught the beautiful butterfly and put it between your palms. Butterfly clinging legs for his hands, and it tickled the pupil. Smiling, he approached the Master and asked:

— Tell, what butterfly at me in hands: live or dead?

He held the butterfly in closed hands and was ready at any moment to squeeze them for the sake of his truth.

Without looking at the hands of the pupil, the Master replied:

– Cho you shitting me? I’m under fired, bitch. Get out of here, havecast!

The apprentice went and got a job as a cashier in «roundabout», and the master and continued to pull money from their students.

So in this situation it is much easier to apologize, not to prove his innocence. Especially if the fault lies on your shoulders. Tactfully apologize, promise that I never will.

You do not need to give oaths and speak high words, bowing to the leader and offering him the service of my life. Without the circus, voluntary recognition of their mistakes is far more successful.

A complex person and competent approach

In situations where the fault of the head, much more complicated. Try to prove to him his innocence – a more expensive, this could trigger a new conflict. Much depends on psychotype of the head: if the person for whom it is easier to cut off a finger than admit his mistake, but it is useless with him about something to say. If this person more or less adequate, not blinded and prescription premiums, the chance of success is. Just be very delicate and give at least 10 proofs of loyalty to their theories and assumptions. To prove its importance, necessity and undeserved contempt only if they benefit the entire enterprise. So the thoughts in this vein.

He is guilty


If it’s your disgusting work, in this situation, that is, you have to mow under fool by asking your boss to show you the error. And you should know them, you about them will tell, but here the important thing is to show your interest workflow and remorse over what happened. Clearly, we need to improve a little faster than instantly, showing that you’re not a sycophant, but a man who really cares and worries about his job. And the next month to work at the same pace non-stop and take every job as though you’re a filthy warden-a student who earns straight a’s is not knowledge, and increased activity.

Morality and ethics process

Sucking up to the boss is very simple, it is enough to show the wonders of flexibility of their language and flatter so as not flattered, comrade Stalin. However, remember that after this you lose all respect. In situations where the head to be screwed over and treated like Ramsay snow to Theon Greyjoy, to endure is not necessary. Then head can precipitate a flow of ideas and facts, and if he’s a coward jerk, calm down, and if not, then get out of here, man.

Many conflict situations arise in the workplace spontaneous and go away on their own. Don’t forget that we are all human and all have bad mood or problems at home, but this does not mean that you can allow yourself quite boorish attitude on the part of the head. Know the measure in everything, and live together.

The most important is the hatred rooted deep inside your heart. You can hate the head even after reconciliation, but your evil must remain inside of you. Fat, stupid, damn not understand the craft layman – is that how you see your boss, but that doesn’t mean that it is such. Just your innate apathy and hatred is not allowed to look in his little pig eyes through the prism of truth.Here it is useful to recall an old parable about hatred:

Martial arts master, old, took his disciples, and decided that he will no longer participate in the fighting. A young warrior, who imagines himself a more skillful and stronger, caused experienced master in battle.

The teacher has not responded to his request, and then self-assured young man began to provoke the master by insulting the old warrior and his ancestors. But the wise wizard continued to ignore the insolent, and the young man, in desperation, went.

Pupils of the masters were surprised by the actions of his teacher, many began to condemn him:

— Do you not value your honor and the honor of your ancestors?

Then the old master said:

– When you give a gift, and you do not accept it, who then owns the gift?

— Of course the person who gives!

— Same things with envy, anger and hatred. If we don’t accept them, they remain with the giver. So is his mother is a stupid whore.

So keep yourself in the hands of any diplomatic, because the art of diplomacy helped to establish peace and to avoid many conflicts.

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