How to make old hard drive an apparatus for making cotton candy?

Most likely, this title will seem like a raving lunatic, but a smart dude from Asia has actually found a way how to make from ordinary hard drive device that will delight young children and sweet friends. However, we did not understand where these guys are.

Every guy who ever did upgrade the computer could probably find somewhere extra old hard drive, for example, someone in the editorial lying around the screw on 40 GB. Whom it such is necessary? Extract from his favor! In addition to HDD, we need a basin with a hole, cap tins, tin can, Bicycle spokes and tools.

candy floos0937930662

candy floos1061963840

On the plate in the disc made three equidistant from the center of the hole. Do the same holes in the lid.

candy floos1936095323

The solder bike the spokes with the disc.

candy floos2015388414

Do banks box.

candy floos2015388414

Connect the lid with this design, the top attachable cover with a remote middle.

candy floos0973510637

The whole structure is placed in the center of the bowl or basin without a bottom.

candy floos2126906670

Add dry fuel, for example, the dry alcohol.

fill with sugar-sandFill with sugar-sand

candy floos0463825659

Ignite the alcohol and turn on the drive.

candy floos0155239657


You, one hundred percent, there is a question: «Why jet?» Answer: average speed of hard drive – 5400 rpm and the machines for preparing cotton – only 3450. The higher the speed, the thinner and lighter webs of cotton. That such nonsense!

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