How to make normal photos

how to make normal photosHow many are sitting in social networks, always wondered two things. First, how people manage to do such shitty photos? Where is this training? Or just bad photos so much that they are seen as the norm? Don’t understand. There is a second strange thing: they did not hesitate to put these photos in a network? Device in their head blows that they stopped to think: shitty, even if very memorable, photo is for internal use, for the cabal and nostalgic evenings in the kitchen, not for me, whose entire news feed. drunken fools with closed eyes lying on the floor with the cat. If you’re one of those Amateur photographers, today we will teach you how to quit being one and start a new life.

To begin with — to make a photo

Before you start running around with a camera and harass them with his «Cheese!», we need to remember several fundamental things, without which photography would not take place.

Charges the camera

Do not rush to throw a rotten egg: I mean business! Not once did I, clutching my camera, I discovered that the last time I touched him bradcot months ago, and during this time he has a hundred times already turned. Don’t repeat my mistakes! Never rely on your memory: it’s such a unreliable substance! Check only, charge only, only certainty. Otherwise everyone will hate you for the lack of pictures.


Another important thing, which everyone forgets. Don’t understand what hinders people to throw off photos from the memory card to the computer and thereby to release the drive. Then, when the memory thoroughly pojavjatsja will remain only for a couple of photos, they were surprised to find: «Wow! Suddenly there is not enough space!» Yes, what you say! Suddenly he. What are you from the past may not have cleared the memory card — anything?


To once and forever solve this issue, we will tell you in which cases not to do without it:

  • if you take pictures indoors;
  • if you are photographing an object on the street, and back light;
  • if you take pictures outside in the shade;
  • if you’re photographing a person in bright sunlight: Yes flash neutralizes harsh shadows on the face, and the person will not, for example, dark eye sockets;
  • if in doubt, use the «auto»mode.


Don’t fill up the horizon. It’s just as obvious how to load the camera. Work hard to keep it so that a ground plane was not tilted, dooming facing all the people in an unequivocal decline. Fill only antipolarity.

Let people come closer. What kind of love is the photo where I in full growth on a background of this healthy Baida to show her baudino greatness»? And is such biolobical the size of ants and be glad. That will never happen. Pozivi it to yourself.

Not just cut strategically important objects. This is fatal. You should at least intuitive to understand. If you do not understand, I explain. There is a great plan when the detail is removed. There is a portrait plan — it face. There is a plan chest. There is written. There is a plan in full growth. All. No knee or ankle-length cropped leg. No otheragency hands. Under no circumstances do not tolerate man polbashki. It is clear as day.

Nothing more. What extra in the photo? Any left homeless on the background of which any side does not belong to the group of your friends. No bright yellow box on the background of a winter landscape (unless it is the artistic idea of landscape photography — in this case, you won’t need to explain: a good photo will do it for you. If it’s good. Otherwise, you will have to crop). In short, all the junk sent outside of the frame.

Parallel lines if possible. The elementary laws of the composition. If you have a frame table and a window, let the horizontal lines are parallel to each other. And you will have harmony.

Drama. Bloody hell: the location of things in the pictures mean more than just «some garbage poke». In most cases, narrow-minded pictures that we shoot with you (if you’re not a photographer, which also happens — and in this case you’re laughing at all my advice), guided by the principle of symmetry. Large objects balance each other, while right and left, otherwise on the one hand formed a nasty gaping hole. However, sometimes the focus can be moved deliberately to the side, then the photo will also tell you that it is justified. Otherwise, you will have to make a speech in his defence and is likely to be booed.


In my native Siberia, Baikal shout at each corner and hang the sign «Hot poses», it is the Buryat dish. Everyone who sees this for the first time, thinks that advertise local prostitutes. So, silly poses in the pictures always born in my head this Association. This is not necessary. Don’t need sun on the palms, you don’t need to lean on the car, it is not necessary to grip the handle of the Museum room — all of those reasons simply should not exist. At least for new photos. Let considered remnants of the past on a par with film cameras. Better to just stand behind something and wait until chiknut. And models don’t make their.

Not necessary hard decisions. It still looks unnatural. Just remember my friend the time of the University, which now somehow feels cool and stylist. He specialises in pictures: here it is, for example, «go», although it is clear that he stood at the window in «go» position and postive waiting for? Looks ridiculous. Fear to suffer the same fate.

Do not substitute people. Photograph eating is the base. Photograph the person who’s bent over is the Foundation. Photograph the person doing the talking — guess what? Base. Don’t do this. You will definitely be less to love.

Seize the moment!

To a heart-rending shout: «Wait!», when something interesting happens, keep your camera handy. You never know at what moment can happen something interesting that is worth to click. A good photo is done by accident, simply because people at the right time in the right place. Suddenly from the street will be Emily Ratzkowski — and you’re there!

What happened, you can even print it out and put in a frame and not simple, and made with your own hands.

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