How to make networking connections

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2014_eGkMlke6gHicxYou complain that your classmate managed to get a job at a cool company, just because he has connections. I think that he didn’t deserve such success? But have you thought about what to install and build these connections is work with it, at times, extremely time-consuming.

We will teach you on how to make networking connections.

1. The conversation at the water cooler

This type of communication, contrary to the subtitle, can take place anywhere — at the water cooler, in the Elevator, in the Smoking room, in the end. During these breaks you have the opportunity to make new acquaintances and not to look pushy, because the very situation of communication supposes, forgive me for this repetition, communication.

Who knows, maybe the guy from 5th floor that you’re regularly up in the Elevator, is your most valuable contact.

2. Any original

You need to stand out with something that you have noticed. You need your own chip, otherwise you risk to remain the good guy from the Smoking room, whose name no one remembers.

3. Maintain contacts

Remember that it is important not only to have fun, but also to maintain and strengthen the already existing ties. Don’t let go to waste your efforts: just to add someone in «friends» and leave it at that — enough. Meet with these people, drink with them a Cup of coffee for lunch, for example.

4. Friend

You can always buy new friends using old. Ask them to imagine themselves as interesting to you man, don’t be shy himself to enter the circle of their friends.

5. Choose

Sounds, of course, cynical, but the truth is, you need to spend time on «unnecessary» people. Choose Dating with the principle of career guidance, for those who doesn’t fit your «profile» should not be wasted.

6. Any specific

When it comes to business relationships, there is no point to waste at the expense of their own ambitions and expectations. If you want to make an offer — do it. Let your purpose be transparent, people will like it.

7. Plan

If you need some specific people, feel like an evil genius: make a plan of how you plan to reach them. Prove the entire chain of those with whom you have to meet to end up being presented the most important Guy. And don’t think it’s impossible. If you think about this issue the way certainly, there. About six degrees of separation, you think, no need to talk.

8. Diversity

However, do not overdo it, cutting unnecessary acquaintances. You can diversify your social circle, remember that life can be a lot of surprises.

9. Remember reputation

Don’t let that stupid rumor or someone inadvertently suggested you left a grease stain on your reputation.

10. Social network

And, of course, use social networks not only to view funny pictures on leprosy, but for their intended purpose. Register not only in VK or Facebook, to strengthen the working contacts use professional social networks.

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