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Good day. Found your site not so long ago, but already managed to get acquainted with a number of interesting texts. I have a kind of dream: I want to write a work of fiction (I do not want to use the word «novel») and live at the expense of writing. This thing is now in the process, but don’t know what to do with it and how to submit. Actually, the question as to how to distribute her work and where it can be show knowledgeable people?

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Good Day, chap! Glad you joined the hangout from our readers. growing more and more questions, and it’s nice. Because good and sensible questions that we can answer, too, becomes larger.

Writes you a man who managed to publish something, but who more or less knows the domestic creative environment. Overall tips, but the key is this: if you write a work exclusively for the sake of earning gold, Septim, or rubles, it is better to choose another activity. The writing is quite narrow and difficult path. Many years will pass before you actually will be able to recoup their physical and mental losses that you pretty spend on every ten to twenty pages. And, frankly, much of the «payback» of the brand does not depend on the presence or absence of literary talent. However, this does not mean that it should not be.

If you take, for example, the West and the surrounding area, the primary job of monetizing the writer performs a literary agent. There is this Institute is well developed and well established. Every guy that earns creativity is in possession of such a person. And why? Because artists, poets and writers should write and not look for buyers. But in Russia things are different, and no single agent will not undertake the writing of a novice who has never been published before, that is to take the responsibilities of a private Manager will have on themselves, and that means you will have meetings with editors, publishers, owners of bars and literary spaces. It is understood that it is the market, and it operates according to market rules, which means no one will give you, if it is not profitable, that is you, as if you didn’t want it, you need to learn how to present well and sell.

There is one more piece of advice are: if you write your first text, don’t immediately send in hundreds of publishing houses and editions. Put it aside for a couple of months in the table, and then re-read. If you still like the show friends. If they liked it, send more professional readers (journalists, poets, other writers, or just «reading people»). Tell you honestly, the first thing, as a rule, are Feb grafomanskie shit, even geniuses. People write thousands of pages and then say something worthwhile. Or there are exceptions? Probably, but we have not watched. And the first impression to spoil not worth it, especially in such a poor literary space, which is now in Russia.

Suppose you average a writer. Not bad, not good, namely such that it is acceptable to give. You already gave to read your draft (and this is exactly what a draft!) friends, acquaintances and «read». They liked where they made a comment, something you fixed and what is left. The first option should always be rewritten from scratch, and I hope you did that too. In General, your topic has become cooler, more beautiful, overgrown meat. Time to think about sending letters to different editors.

Many, forgetting the decency to send everyone. Let’s say you wrote a novel about Yurko from the planet Nibiru, and sent him to the Orthodox publishing house. It’s just rude, man. Therefore suggest to carefully study the publishers and editors that they are within. If it’s a major publisher, for example AST, they have a bunch of groups that accept work according to certain criteria: someone who deals exclusively genre fiction, who applied, and someone relatively intelligent. I hope you had clearly defined the genre in which you write, because publishers hate love «post-horror with a dash of magical realism, wrapped in ironic detective». They need specifics, because time is money. The less they will spend minutes reading your letter, the more clear it will be posted, the more chances that your work actually starts to read.

Further, in dealing with editors and publishers of an important synopsis and login. Read what it is and how it is written. Many editions do not accept a manuscript without a synopsis. Well, it is just a technical retreat.

In addition to AST and EKSMO are thousands of small publishers who can take your book. Them to study harder because they are smaller. And not every small publisher is trustworthy. On the other hand, the option to publish the book at them will be more realistic. But it is important to understand that a large proportion of small enterprises will be encouraged to give at their own expense. If you have any decency, you do not eat. It was nice to hold my book in my hands, but to literature, this procedure has little. The writer should not pay for what he writes, and about that many beginners forget. Others will offer to publish a limited edition without paying or buying off the author’s collections. In this case, you should think, because the book can be used as an argument when dealing with larger publishers in the future. If you satisfied with this reward, then go ahead.

And a little about money and payment for the hard work of writing. If you omit a few dozen renowned names in the literature one isn’t fattening. I would even say that as a middle Manager in some well-known and stable company, you have a lot more money. Writers of middle-class (and it is fairly well-known names) is also not chic, and often find earnings on the side. Write, for example, articles in magazines and reviews that lecture.

In General, try to meet writers and poets. It’s pretty simple, because many people have accounts on the network, and communicating with them will give you good experience and, importantly, some contacts in the literary world.

We assume that your question is answered and we gave you some guidance. Good luck to you, man!

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