How to make money on their blog

how to make money on the blog

The idea is to make money, cozy positiva at home, much to their liking. For some it has become a reality, and today we’ll give you a few tips to help make that dream a reality: to work for yourself, sitting at home, doing what you always loved. Here’s tips on how to earn money on your blog.

1. Blogging: the basics

Many believe that blogging is not easy. In the end, we’re talking about templates, layout, formatting, promoting discussion in the comments and so-forth. Require the creation and use of maximum potential of the blog a lot of skills and knowledge of special programs? You need the ability to create sites? Not at all! The idea of creating and maintaining a web site or blog may seem difficult, which requires heaps of websnake, but actually this is not the case. WordPress is available to everyone, and manage it easily.

The first thing to do is to choose the platform on which you will work. A bunch of them, and many of them are very popular, for example, Blogger or WordPress, all the same. Any selective: many of them offer advertising and other such services, assuring that is meets your needs. If you have no experience in creating a blog or website, the best choice for you, Blogger: they just need to register, plenty of templates — everything is almost ready to use. Those who have more experience, suitable WordPress that requires a little more skill.

2. Select the topic

It is very important to occupy a specific niche to write on your topic and the best advice I can give: write what you know! When it comes to blogging, if you can provide the depth of coverage, professionally written content, it will be easier to attract an audience, and not only of their country.

Blogs are different. Just Google you will see many different variations all over the Internet. Due to the huge competition in this field is vital to remember that from the very beginning, from the first post, your content must be unique and is worthy to refer to it.

Some people blog for entertainment or communication, but there are those who managed to unleash the full power of this activity, its potential: thanks to the blog, you can make a fortune! Blogs and sites on WordPress e Google-ads bring large sums of money when acquire a stable and large audience.

It is very important to update the blog. You should regularly write new posts. This will help you keep your audience, which will periodically go on him and watch for updates, as well as the search engines will see that your website is active, and is better indexed by the search queries: this is very important to make the blog profitable.

3. Promote blog

To promote a blog or website it is important that he has acquired a permanent audience. Here are a few areas in which you have to work.

Accounts in social networks

Social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, are excellent additions to the blog. If you have a dedicated blog, page in social networks, it will help you to attract the audience, and so the core of the site will gradually grow. Every time you post new content, are notified about that the people on the pages in social networks. Post blog links to social media accounts: it will help people keep track of updates the easy way; they will know about new posts, make repost and tell your friends so that there is a blog. Be sure to use the social media buttons so people can share content with friends. So over time, you become an authoritative blogger.

Social media buttons

In our days there. Think about it: on any website is the ability to share content in social networks. Social media buttons helps you to create backlinks to your blog, and it will be better indexed by search engines. The social media plugins you can use to automatically share the content, it saves time.

Advertising CPC

CPC — an English abbreviation, which stands for cost per click (CPC). If your main goal is to make profits, this is probably not for you. However, if your priority is to attract audience and to ensure the attendance fee for the traffic can be a great help in attracting new people. Google makes a good advertising of this kind (Adwords), where you can choose the words that should appear in Google. You will pay each time a user clicks your advertisement and the transition to your blog.

Words should be selected in accordance with your niche. Instead of focusing on a simple word or phrase (using these popular queries are usually not break), add details. For example, if you write about an apartment in Moscow, you can add definitions, such as «the cheapest apartments in Moscow», «the most expensive apartments in Moscow», etc., Narrowing the request reduces you number of visitors, however, so you save money, but people come more focused, and a higher percentage remains as permanent visitors.

4. Useful tools

There are many free tools and plugins around the Internet that will help you create a great blog. Anyone who tells you that you have to pay a fortune for plugins is wrong. Everything is available for free.

When you begin to better understand the world of bloggista, you will soon realize that most blogs have a lot of add-ons depending on what they are used for. Some of them will be useful to you.

In our days, is available anything: there are even services that allow you to translate your posts into foreign languages. Readers can subscribe to updates by email. You can check the statistics of hits to determine the most popular posts and find out how many other blogs and websites refer to yours. Plugins social media buttons will help you increase audience and increase attendance. Visitors can share links on Google+. You can earn money by placing ads on your blog for help, like AdSense on Blogger E.

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