How to make money on the desire to be beautiful and successful

If you turn on the evening news, you can be terrified: explosions, fighting, sanctions, complete madness. And think that the world is going to hell, and there is nothing eternal, nothing that you can grab onto and hold tight. But this is only apparent. If you look outside, you will see the ordinary world, where everything is pretty stable. People fall in love, plan, buying, working, playing pool. Men always want to be stylish and confident women are beautiful and loved. This is how our society, and that is how our business works, because all these desires are directly linked with a successful enterprise. The beauty industry is where there’s money.

It makes no sense to talk about the beauty industry as a whole. Such knowledge no practical importance — they don’t make money. The main business — the specifics and professional approach to business. So we talked with Voronin Alexander, the owner of a major cosmetic brand White&Smilespecializing in cosmetic teeth whitening — procedure, which every day are paying more and more people. The example of his company he told us how to make money on people’s desire to be successful and beautiful. Translating his wisdom into your brain and hope you will take advantage of this invaluable knowledge.

I’ve never worked as a beautician. My profile education — economist-Manager. However, the businessman does not have to think about what he doesn’t know something. I clearly understand that the market for cosmetic teeth whitening in Russia and the CIS free and promising, the potential capacity of this market is huge and the demand will go on increasing. In the end, I was right, and today our company is the legislator of the cosmetic teeth whitening in Russia. And the market is growing and will continue to grow as long as he at least is not close to the us figures.The fact that people who grew up on Hollywood movies and the modern perception of the world, a great role to his image. Today not the middle ages, and not even the era of the Soviet Union, when people could easily live with a «yellow smile» and not to worry about it — they had other criteria of success and normality. The modern world is merciless to the man who scored on their appearance. For example, if you meet a girl who does not follow the hygiene of your mouth, then you, no doubt, will pay attention to it. If you meet the same colleague, it seems you also will by no means pleasant. White smile is one of the basic elements of a man who used to invest in its image, in order to reach certain heights. And really, if you look at the famous successful people all as on selection, will be a perfect smile — they understand the value of cosmetic whitening. Most people who see it and potentially tends to like the «Hollywood» image.

The desire to look good is as natural as the desire to have sex with a beautiful woman or eat a delicious Burger. Wants to look good and impressionable woman and a brutal man. But I always had a problem — a cosmetic procedure of bleaching was not cheap. Now this is not a problem. Today teeth whitening has ceased to be the prerogative of the expensive dental clinics.

Thanks to modern technology, service cosmetic teeth whitening has become available and has the following criteria for the final consumer: the effectiveness of up to 12 tones; resistance — up to 3 months; painless — 100%; availability — from 1200 RUB. per session; speed — 20 minutes. These are the characteristics of the system of W&S™.Brand White&Smile was born in the East of France in 2011. Since then, he has come a long way, who brought him to the markets of Italy, Russia and the CIS countries. If to speak about Russian culture whitening teeth, that it just was not in 2013 — it had to be created from scratch. But it was not a problem for innovative cosmetic technology — adaptive mental cycle was successfully completed and in 2016 the company White Smile and entered the top 100 best franchises in 2016. Alexander Voronin correctly noted that «Demand does not need to wait for the demand, you need to create». It’s not something a business mantra, but a real call to action, which sowed their seeds in the form of over 100 studios open in Russia and the CIS. And this growth does not stop — each month offers three new Studio White&Smile. People who want to make money, well earn them.

Before that can join you. According to the statistics of the franchise, each partner of White&Smile earns 5,000 rubles per hour from the moment of cooperation. The partner is not required to be a beautician by profession. He may not understand in this case, although this does not negate the fact that a man should be initiative and responsible, like any other businessman.

The specifics of our product does not provide for the licensing and medical education, we do not make manipulations with the client and the visitor of the Studio, we sell the product and provide advice on how to use this product. All of the rapid brightening of the teeth are reduced to four steps: measurement of the shade of the enamel to the provision of a mouthguard with whitening gel, enabling the Led system to activate the gel, measurement of the hue of the enamel after.This business is open for people who know nothing about cosmetology. It is not only that there is no need to obtain a special license to conduct such procedures, but also that the company provides its partners with a greater Advisory support. Buying a franchise, you get access to webinars that will teach you everything you need to know about business. This is especially valuable when the company promises you a quick start in dynamic niches (need to learn too fast). Returning again to the statistics and find it a wonderful figure of 350%. It indicates the margin of this whole adventure. Although it’s hard to call a purchase of such a sophisticated franchise gamble.

So, how to go through such a liquid business? To do this, you have three ways. Will tell you more about them:

The first path of light 145 340 RUB.

This opportunity to enter the business with minimal investment. With a quick start, ideal for beauty salons, spa-centers, fitness clubs and various cosmetic dental clinics. If we talk about the basic equipment, you receive a scale Vita, mobile led system W&S beauty and drive. Also you will be consumable for 100 sessions of cosmetic whitening, a complete package of marketing and design and a bonus in the form of a personal Manager. All this is enough to start a business here and now, without spending too much money.

The second way is the Standard 328 440 RUB.

Difference of this format is that because of this, you can open your own Studio Express whitening. The return on «standard» package — 3 months. At your disposal 2 stationary led-system, 2 armchairs in the form of eggs (like the movie «Men in black»), scale Vita, beauty storage, as well as consumables for 150 whitening sessions. Marketing and design is also on your side. However, you get not only him, but also stuffbak, the certificate of the official representative and access to all webinars. That is, you become a full partner, and about you no one will forget if you suddenly have problems.

The third way Premium 499 960 RUB.

But maybe you don’t want to open one Studio — you give several to create in the city a network of teeth whitening. Then you need the premium package — it has everything what should businessman with big ambitions: as many as 3 stationary led-system, 3 chairs of «Men in black», 2 scales and 2 Vita beauty of the drive. You will hand a stock of consumable material in 250 sessions(!), and provide all necessary materials for marketing and design. As in the previous case, you will become an official representative of a successful company that dominates on the Russian market — you will join the winners for the price of a mediocre car.

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