How to make Kale chips in the microwave

the chips in the microwave

Do we not taught you, man, what a crisp is a harm to their more or less elastic ass for your poor heart muscle and for your future children? It was us. Why are we advised to do crisps in the microwave? Because they do not bring such harm to your harsh peasant figure, cardiovascular system and stomach. How so? It’s not so much. how many other ingredients. Purchased chips are thick and generously seasoned with flavors which cause you harm. You can make the chips yourself, not using any fats. Now we’ll teach you. How to make chips in the oven?


  • Potatoes, sliced very thin slices — as many as you want.
  • Salt (pepper, paprika, curry — any spices that you want to add to your chips).
  • Parchment.

Take a sheet of parchment and cut it in the form of plates. Then put one layer of potatoes, sprinkle with salt and cover with another layer of parchment. Bake in the microwave for 5-6 minutes. Your pieces of taters will turn into healthy potato chips. Now you can sprinkle other seasonings.

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