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manygoodtips.com_28.05.2014_Ll8WlzDeQy3WvAny relationship — friendship or romantic — require certain «attachments» on your part, and not only at the stage of their formation. Often there is garbage: you bend over backwards to «get» the girl, and that’s when you have officially named a couple, and you relax and let things take their course. The benefits of your efforts will erode very quickly if you begin to take your relationship for granted and don’t take care of maintaining and improving their quality.

1. Watch what you say

The old adage about the word not a Sparrow, never loses its relevance. No matter how close and trusting was not your relationship, watch what you say. Before you blurt out something, think about what you would feel if someone told you such.

2. Respect someone else’s opinion

If you do care about this person, respect his opinion regardless of whether you agree with them or not. No, of course you can argue, but to argue constructively without demeaning his opponent.

And try not to touch the «Holy.»

3. Find the positive side of negative traits

Categories «positive»/»negative» is very subjective. This means that what is negative for you, will not necessarily be so for another. It’s also possible, what do you not like it hides something objectively useful. For example, you’re annoyed by her excessive love of order and organization. However, the same love can make you full of chaos life a little easier and more comfortable.

4. Don’t be boring

Not every difference in opinion should be cause for dispute or quarrel. Think about it, is it worth it? It is so important to prove to her his innocence, if thus you only hurt?

5. Don’t jump to conclusions

«Someone else’s soul — a dark forest» — another timeless idea. Do not rush to blame or judge another, you may not know a tenth of what is happening in his head. Give your loved ones the benefit of the doubt. For a solid relationship involves trust. If a loved one did something that seems wrong, the normal reaction is to try to understand why it happened, and not immediately blame him.

6. Compliment

Especially for a girl.

7. Don’t forget to thank

Better get used to it. Even if your girlfriend every day cooks you soup, and your best friend constantly throws orders, not just in response with the words «yeah, right.» Say «thank you». Don’t underestimate the importance of this symbolic gesture. Person you thank even household stuff, feels his own importance to you. In addition, all life consists of small things, don’t you forget it.

8. Cherish your loved ones

Returning to previous item: the gratitude «on the machine» will not work. I sincerely appreciate those around you. When you’re angry at someone, think about the good things that made you the man, and think: maybe this «school» is to forgive.

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