How to make friends with her pet

how to make friends with her pet

Some women are obsessed with their Pets, like Gollum with the one Ring. If you love this woman and she has a free four-legged app, you need to learn to handle this beast. Remember that a treasure had it before you, and there is a chance that it will remain with her and after you. Women can’t stand criticism of their Pets and even more abuse on them, so you’re gonna have to live with it. We’ll give you some practical advice.

1. Pretend you’re in love with the beast

If it’s got a cool dog like a Labrador or Retriever you have it, and so will love. This dog will be your new best friend. Cats and microback — now that’s a problem. They may even be jealous of her to you. Microback not like any normal man and normal women are aware of it or at least a gut feeling. Pretending to be difficult, however, this pretense will be repaid with interest. When you hear from a friend that her precious animal loves you, you will understand: here it is, the jackpot. Act like a pupil you like, pet it and pochesyvaya — in the end, it belongs to your woman, do it for her.

2. Learn its features

If her pet is a purebred, read about the breed. Where did she come from, how old she is and all that jazz. If she has a dog, this is, again, much more interesting: find out dog loves to play and run, loves to walk and beg for food from the table. The girl will amaze your in-depth knowledge of her pet.

3. Expressed a desire to care for a pet

If she’s leaving town and cannot take your treasure, be that person who will take care of her. You’ll make her eyes a million points is such a compassionate guy who loves animals. A good guy deserves good treatment and different pleasant things, so when she returns home to her concerns! If she’s not going, tell him you don’t mind to walk her dog or take the cat to the vet’s.

4. Buy for the beast Goodies

When are you going to visit her, don’t need to come with empty hands. Grab something that is not only for girls but also for her cat or dog: a treat, a toy or toys. This will make it much more pleasant impression than the flowers. She’ll think you’re such a sensitive.

5. Show me what animal you are interested

To be able to behave — it’s a great skill that is very useful in relationships. When you meet a friend or talking on the phone with her, casually ask how the Ball or Gun. She will dump you all the details of his fascinating life: how to eat, how to sleep, how to play, who scratched. Listen to these interesting stories and even react. Moreover, it will begin to consider you an impeccable listener. Also, when the opportunity offered her to take a picture of her with her wards: it’s pathetic.

6. Animals are not hurt

Under any circumstances there is no justification for the fact that mistreating animals. No need to yell at the cat when your woman. It is impossible to punish him: to beat or slush, and if it is scratched, just get him off the couch, out on the floor. Aggressive animal she would punish herself. As for dogs, they must be able to train, it’s a science, and if you are so interested in her dog, you first need to read up on this book.

7. Don’t complain about the smell

If she has a cat, certain places in the house will smell like cat. If she has a dog, the dog will also smell — nothing can be done, animals to animals. Since your friend lives in such an environment, she must have sniffed and not smell. She removed, and if you start to complain that the house smells like the stables, she’ll be offended. And complaints about the smell — they are more girly than macho. Better do something about it, not to smell. Help her to wash the tray or to buy her pet.

8. Establish a hierarchy

At the dawn of the relationship, the woman will naturally be in doubt how she should behave. Let it be known that the alpha male here is you, beta role you did not like it. Her bed should belong to you two, not animals. If she resists, tell her you have a severe Allergy. To eat you have better than a beast, or at least the same. If she cooks something special for your cat or dog, even preparing something to you.

9. Buy her gifts related to animals

For example, cat-lady I love the cat theme. I have a friend, whose house live two cats — and the cats she has are present literally everywhere. Dress with cats umbrella cats, purse with cats, even passport cover — cat face. So from time to time buy her something like that. Can even salisylate a calendar with her picture of a cat, she will be delighted! Such a gift she’ll love, that’s for sure.

Think again

There are certain types of women that you should be able to recognize and stay away from them. The woman more than three cats, probably a little crazy. How many times have I seen the news about the lady whose dear fluffies so foul an apartment that the neighbors were not breathe!

Another type, from which we should stay away — it’s the girls who have hand dog and dress her up in different costumes. They always carry with them. Here you will always be on the sidelines.

And so, if you’re going to be good to her pet, she will appreciate it and will not tire of your company. It would be strange if the cat seriously could be an obstacle for a relationship.

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