How to make enemies

Many pride themselves on their ability to get along, its peacefulness and a huge number of friends in the social network. Some direct experience orgasm from what everyone around like. But we will open you a secret, tortured by the experience of hundreds of generations: if you imagine something, then you always will be enemies. And no natural peacefulness will not help you, because this is the human world, a man is cruel to himself. Remember the story of Jesus. It is very significant, even if you’re an ardent atheist. The truth is that the world is cruel, and if you find yourself on the crest of a wave, then be on the lookout shark is coming!

How to grow roots enemies? Let’s start from a very early age, so you understand what’s what.

Be a nerd in school


Read books, teach lessons, interested in art, and even ballet. In the average Russian school (and not only Russian) guys don’t like it. Get good grades and send to hell with dependents who want to cheat off you. This does not guarantee you a bright future, but at least you graduate a jerk from school. Well, the downside would be that around you will accumulate a considerable number of detractors. There is already plenty of reason for conflict.

Without waiting for graduation, become financially independent

There are people who are always happy for your success, but they are a minority of about ten will be typed on the strength in my life. So, if you have managed during training to grow fat, to rent (or buy), to find a decent job and stop sitting on the neck of the mother, then congratulations – you’re number one in the hit list the losers. And don’t be surprised if behind you already heard talk of your hopelessly unprofitable nature.

Keep an unpopular point of view

And, of course, be able to justify it – from the people mangles! Anyway, to have my own opinion quite dangerous in our society, nobody likes a smart-ass, especially if the latter are expressed in «explosive» theme, which is already the only «right» opinion. So, if you want to have an enemy on the ideological field, just don’t be afraid to Express their position. There is no easier way to surround yourself with an aura of a rascal and a scoundrel than to say that you advocate for abortions in the crowd of zealous Christians.

Organize your business


Do your thing and don’t be afraid to bite into the competition. The market always decides, so there’s nothing wrong with creating an identical product. But when I take what interests you, of course, risking the disfavor of others. And here is the dilemma: or do you continue to pick their own and develop their own business, or shut up and retreat. If you choose the second, you can not see success.

Work in a creative environment

If you think that your office employs some of the Gorgon Medusa, have you seen what’s happening in the literary, screenwriting, or musical circles. Bohema – hell on wheels hate. If you do not know, then you’re nobody. If you reach a certain success, you upstart. If you become famous, you hate a good half of all write, sing and draw. Why? God knows, it seems to us that all this is due to the syndrome of «Creator» and the terrible competition in the field. There is always a designer, for example, which will make your figure better and cheaper. There will always be writer, who will offer their services for free, instead of 50-100 pieces. Therefore, the Internet is filled outright garbage, and domestic films beauty of the story is not different, but that’s another conversation – about the economy at the expense of quality.

Get a beautiful girlfriend

I think people still on your personal life? Unknown – so. But if your friends this personal life is not, or it does not suit them, be prepared for the fact that the air will get electrified. exactly, and between the old friends will begin to be seen by the notes of malevolence. So if you don’t want enemies, don’t need to look for the ideal, and marry for the wrong reasons, let it be traditional.

Be happy


And it’s not about your status, your position in society or the availability of money. Happy people irritate people unhappy and angry. As such 99.9%. It is your carefree and joyful attitude towards life pisses me off, your pleasure small or your ability to overcome any difficulties on its way. If you’re one of those guys, who all happened and life has passed who have realized themselves, or fulfilled his dream, there is no doubt that the enemies you will pick three of the Legion.

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