How to make enemies and make everyone hate you

Welcome to the lessons of hatred towards themselves. Wanted to know why you dislike surrounding why behind your back say nasty things, whispering about and avoiding to make contact? Then read and listen — all just to ugliness. You have two options: to accept and become an outcast, or to prove that you’re normal.

Different from the other

The world is ruled by stereotypes. As the world no rebuild, no matter how you try, the majority still thinks the same way, appreciating the person by his external features, and only a few prutkovski seest in the root. Even if you were lying in the gutter, but dressed in a luxurious suit, the society won’t turn away. Because you have diamond studs, and beautiful regular features.

That’s the beauty of fashion knowledge, because meet on clothes. Although to be too trendy, too faces because the bangs and heavily rolled up pants and shirts — a symbol of homosexuality are resistant to the working class. Ought not the man to follow with fashion? A man should wear what is comfortable, what are time-tested and not smelling queer clothes.

And if you dress up in old faded jeans, a black oversized jacket, unfashionable sweater — shouting «Bum!» will fall on both sides. People catastrophically do not like those who give us something different from them, including clothes. Here begin work stereotypes (gay, homeless, ill and that, and another) and concerns. First thought: this man is a stranger, and then expect him good is not worth it.

But it is much worse when you do not emit clothes or bright appearance and origin, which is not to hide. Here is how not to wear — still look to be. In a large group of people who define themselves as members of a single specific nation, to be a stranger it is difficult. Don’t howl about the adequacy — not everyone likes Caucasians or Asians.

Because stereotypical thinking makes you think that a citizen will behave in accordance with bad stereotypes. And if you, dear friend, fall under this category, then you will have to spend a fair amount of time before the interlocutor will like to trust you.

To stand apart

It is easy enough to understand people who despise humanity in General and try to stay out of everyone’s way. To be Hickey or, as we say in the provinces — «a sociopath», is quite acceptable. But this does not negate the fact that society will treat you with suspicion.

Even if you’re a man of quiet disposition, does not love the noisy companies, and believes that work should be work and not to discuss colleagues and bosses — your fate is unenviable. Sit yourself in the corner, like a white crow, socialization can not be, and I am talking all the time — nothing was up to something bad or slander authorities scribble. So it’s hard to be a party pooper surrounded by stupid bawlers with a primitive humor of questionable subjects.

To succeed


Success is the main cause of envy. People in most of them — vile creatures, sneaky, jealous, and the best way to get everyone to hate you — to succeed. Immediately begin to say that either sucked, or was stolen, because if they failed to achieve something — then injustice reigns in the world, and decent people have no place on Olympus this life.

So if you want all sorts of offended life syavki hated you — become successful. To hated everything to become very successful. To fear — go for the presidency.

To tell the truth

If you want unnecessary people around you were far away — tell them the truth. Tell them all that I think about it; if someone has behaved like an idiot — don’t hide it, tell the person, suddenly he doesn’t know; after all, the worst thing is not to do mistakes and be a fool and not know it. Whiners say that they are the whiners and blame yourself that you don’t want to hear the confessions in far-fetched heroic story clear patsanchika.

However, all dispossessed will tell you about bad things, because people are defiant, disobedient, and everywhere vypyachivalis my opinion, you didn’t even freedom-loving and proud Vikings.

Quarrel not with those

Don’t bother with opinion leaders, otherwise they will take advantage of their position and talk about your nastiness. Take a typical brand bastard boss. This scum don’t want to see even in hell, Satan himself unpleasant the villain. But to engage in open confrontation with him — like death. It is not necessary to speak directly into the hated face of all that you think about it, because there is a trick, it is an influential body and a cunning brain. Obizhenku can easily use their influence and to do everything that you couldn’t find in this town a good job.

About such troubles faced by the Colombian politicians, who are not lucky enough to live in one time with the legendary drug Lord Pablo Escobar. Poor wanted only to stop the lawlessness, but I forgot that this mayhem run with cocaine hands of Colombian drug lords.

And since that time real power was concentrated in the hands of coke, the barons gave his enemies a total defeat, spinning on all channels yesterday with white thread materials, which obliczanie fighters for justice. So do not go on Goliath, if he is not David or you will be stoned, as instigated by the people of Jesus.

To be the worst out of people

Nobody likes people who first make promises and then not fulfilling them. No. Optionality is worse than prostitution. People rely on you, waiting for you, and you with all you inherent arrogance send his expectations and his conscience down the drain. Again: throwing and dishonest people no one likes. No.

The most reliable way to get the universal hatred is to become a complete villain and a scoundrel, desperately licking ass. Go the concept of dishonesty — you will have hatred.

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