How to make dick bigger at home

manygoodtips.com_6.06.2016_rL5Gs0MeKZnpRPeople of my generation grew up with access to the large deposits of porn since a very young age. So it’s safe to say that most of us grew up thinking between our legs will wiggle a hefty Python, like all these thousands of men with porn.

The problem is that the guys in porn took a certain selection, they pay for what they have huge Dicks, they get paid for sex on camera, so they look professional in that sense. But the average guy is unlikely to reach a level of at least biological considerations.

In porn industry the average penis size is in the range of 20-22 inches. It is about 6-7 inches longer than the rest of the population (if we’re talking about Europeans). According to research sexual medicine only 15% of men accrues at 18 inches, and only 3% of men have a tool longer than 20 inches. Of course, everyone wants to enter the 3%, but, unfortunately, have to be content with what we have.

Besides, all is not lost. Of course, we will not disclose a secret spell that will increase your penis, but we will talk about some tips and tricks that will boost your confidence in the bedroom with a friend.

1. Don’t use lubricate

Excessive moisture can nullify all sexy girls. Increasingly this is true for those who can not boast of size.

Of course, if you are young and she is young, you may never use oils, but, anyway, there is always a natural lubricant. Foreplay is important to meet and her orgasm, so we leave them. But if you want to increase the sensitivity of a friend, then take away excess natural lubricant sheets, towel or even hand. Nobody will get hurt.

2. Put a pillow under the hips

If having sex on the bed, the pillow will be at arm’s length. Put her under the thighs of a friend, so her body slightly rise, which will provide deeper penetration.

3. Oral sex

Ask your friend, don’t be shy issue. A study at Indiana University showed that the greatest erection is achieved during oral sex. I don’t know how exactly to test, but some subjects increased their score on a centimeter in contrast to erections caused by the traditional way. This is absolutely great news for all men who have penises.

4. Lose weight!

manygoodtips.com_6.06.2016_ytsJqDSMDZs9EThe more abdominal fat, the smaller your penis looks like. Everything else, the extra weight seriously affects the ability of deep penetration (abdomen). So just lose weight. Maybe your reproductive organ will not become more, but good physical shape positively affects the sexual life.

If you want a quick throw, go to the gym, eat less foods that contain animal fat (meat, cheese).

5. Try cock ring

For many dubious advice, but if there is a problem, why not to try? Cock rings really make the cock harder and more sensitive, while maintaining blood flow. The ring itself should be the diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of the member. With this you need to be careful, because too small a ring can damage tissue and cause severe pain. There are also rings with a vibrator – he tickles the clitoris as you penetrate in a friend.

6. Haircut

To cut pubic hair should be understanding what you want to achieve. Ultimately, thickets visually make the member less, and a good haircut more. Best of all, of course, the right one, because the cut «under zero» to remind her baby.

7. Masturbation is not part of them

Look, Masturbation is normal. But if you’re interested in it, do three or four times a day and then go to bed with a friend, then that would not be good. For this case you need to choose the right time. Why? Because if you do it before sex, Masturbation negatively affects sensitivity of the penis and blood flow (it will be less, and therefore member will not be so solid).

8. Try anal

O Lord, we mean with a friend! The Council can, and idiotic, because any thought about it, and to persuade friends not so simple, but this can be achieved, most importantly, to believe in their speaking skills and luck.

Anal sex can be a wonderful alternative if you have a small size. Will definitely need lubricant, because no woman, I think, do not want to feel strong friction in his gut. Better choose a silicone based lubricant, as this lubricant has a tendency to be fatter (means you can easier to move), besides it is longer acting and has even been used of different porn actors. No silicone lube? You can take coconut oil.

You can continue to tell each other that size doesn’t matter, but I think if you try to improve your skills, then your girlfriend will appreciate the effort and all will be well.

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