How to make cardio a little more tolerable


Nobody likes that stupid word «cardio». Sometimes I have such mood that I even begin to equate it to the parent.

For cardio all are different. Dudes with belly for obvious reasons, fiercely fiercely hate cardio because it’s hard, it’s exhausting, and shortness of breath makes me feel like a grandfather. Someone, on the contrary, cardio sincerely loves and considers that this is almost the only way to lose weight. No, guys, not the only, not even hope.

If done correctly, cardio has a point. He’ll always have a place in any functional fitness program.

There are many reasons to perform cardiovascular exercise of any kind — not least because it is good for the heart and blood vessels. Of course, strength training has not been canceled, but the advantage in cardio in the fact that it’s aerobic exercise that gives a bonus to cardiovascular health. And, of course, burn fat using cardio God himself commanded.

Now, considering all the above, I confess: I hate cardio. I don’t like, every time I force myself, and it turns out I have not brilliantly. The results I have are very mediocre, and 1000 jumping rope, even with breaks, for me, is the upper threshold of normal.

However, as much as I hate cardio, have to do it because I want to live long and not grow fat.

So, dude, you lived longer and also not fat, swollen, I have selected for you their favorite types of cardio. Well, as a «favorite». Read — understand.

1. Walking on a treadmill

Definitely have fun. Of course, it’s not particularly intense, but sometimes a walk is just what you need. I understand that it’s too tired to run on the conscience, and is limited to sprints or walking.

I need to lose weight. To lose weight, I consume fewer calories. However, when you eat less, you have less energy to exercise and breathe I am not as strong as the need to breathe properly to get a good to lose weight. In short, in such cases, slow cardio (it’s cardio, low intensity).

In addition, in combination with strength training walking just cancelled. It increases blood flow to the legs, and it helps you not to be long-legged and miserable. If you’re a beginner or you have an injury, cardio low intensity for you. In short, cardio is like ketchup: you can add anywhere, and it won’t hurt.

They say that cardio of low intensity inefficient, but it’s the kind of thing we need to practice for some time. I even think it is a plus if I’m in the hall extra 45 minutes, I extra 45 minutes to eat. If you’re on a diet, it helps. I listen to podcasts and audioknigi not wasting your time.

2. Running uphill

My favorite kind of intense cardio is just a space. They make you faster and thinner, the butt looks better, and of course, you develop breathing.

The hills are all different: different heights and different slope, so that it is difficult to deduce a single formula. One rule: run as many sprints as you can before you know that the body asks you to stop.

I have next to the house there is such a hill, and I often go there to run. Usually I have enough 10 sprints to experience a pleasant sense of accomplishment.

3. Jump rope

If you watched «rocky» when I was a kid and wanted to be a boxer — at least you can jump rope like him.

And Yes, the music is also important.

Guys rarely jump rope, considering it a girlish occupation. Come on! Jump rope is a miracle-shell, because a minute of jumping rope you burn more calories per minute than any other physical activity.

What else I can advise:

  • try to do your best to make as many jumps;
  • minute intervals: minute jump — minute rest.

4. Weight

When talking about breathing and cardio, the weight can beat everyone. And it’s not because it’s heavy and iron and beat her dangerous to health.

Exercises with weights help build strength. Take the kettlebell and swing back and forth. What else to say:

  • mark 10 minutes;
  • do as many repetitions within this interval, dividing them into several sets;
  • memorize the greatest number of repetitions for one set;
  • remember the total number of repetitions;
  • next time, try to surpass both records.

6. Running on stairs

Running the stairs is my absolute favorite city cardio. The streets always full of people at the stadium always ride bikes children, and grandmother walk dogs, in winter, the hills are not run — but the stairs are in every home. When I don’t want to go far, I just run up the stairs. Someone who likes the lifts, but they’re weak.

I live in a five-storey building, which means there are eight full flights of stairs, and between them a small platform. This is a normal distance for a sprint is enough to exercise to be meaningful, but not too much so you don’t lose speed.

I usually do eight sets according to the following scheme:

Set 1: Climb up and down.

Set 2: Climb up and down twice without rest.

Set 3: Climb up and down three times without rest.

Set 4: to go Up and down four times in a row again without a break.

Set 5: go Up and down four times without resting.

Set 6: go Up and down three times without rest.

Set 7: to go Up and down twice without rest.

Set 8: to Climb and descend.

Between sets rest for a minute, in the middle of the approach. A vacation is when you go down. I recommend to rest for two minutes between the fifth and sixth sets.

7. Sex

Sometimes it’s a marathon and sometimes a sprint. No matter how long you’re going to have sex is the most enjoyable cardio. It is strange that sex is cardio: it’s breaking the pattern of hatred for such exercises. Oh my God, Yes I love cardio!

A few words about running

Here is a run I hate. It seems to me most unpleasant lesson: driving in circles until you get bored. It’s almost like his will to see «Twilight» — without mom.

Long and boring cardio like Jogging most people do not need. If you run long and too frequently, it can lead to catabolism, when the body does not rest for a long time and the muscles begin to break down.

However, someone good, someone runs. If you just want to recover, because the whole day sitting is a good choice. Here already on taste and color.

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