How to make an apartment-like dwelling grown men

Yak's ostaviti apartmentThere will be no tips on how to make the apartment more luxurious, more beautiful or, God forgive me, more elegant. This is not a list of design tips for dummies or ways to give the cave an expensive look for little money. Today we will tell you how to make it so that your apartment was like a shelter a grown man.

Grows older is difficult in many ways, but there’s one plus: you have more dough. Spend it in different ways. For example, there are people who have a good job and a decent salary, and they spend it, guess what? On a leather sofa, obscenely huge plasma and PS 4.

Today we’ll show you how to make your den more like an apartment full of an adult. There and pleasant to live in, and to invite, too: women will treat you with bonlarger thrill when you see an impressive appearance of your apartment.

1. Mirror

Not only in the bathroom to shave. In the hallway and in the room too, let it be on the mirror. Why? Mirrors visually expand the space, the room looks bigger and they are everywhere the place. And serves a more Mature look.

2. Framed pictures

Any apartment, even the Soviet, becoming more representative form, if there appears picture. Not Picasso and Rubens. Any garbage would look more or less classically, if it is put in a frame. If you are hanging posters or prints, buy frames, all the better.

3. Curtains

No special fabric or ornament. Just go to the store and buy the ones that you don’t find them terrible, and then hang them in the apartment instead of blinds or instead of emptiness. Blinds – for offices and adolescents. Or the post-Soviet consciousness, which blinds seem to be something «European and new».

4. Wardrobe with booze

With age people don’t stop drinking, they just do it differently. Before you drink alcohol, which they bought, and now it’s time to keep a bar and have the choice to be able to grab a drink after work whiskey, rum, or vermouth, depending on your mood. Drink a glass and not the whole bottle without assistance.

5. Clean crockery on the shelves

It is in an adult for several reasons. First, you will not bitty plates that you took out of the parental home, because there they are no longer needed, and you need things. Second, clean dishes qualifies you as an adult. Third, if she’s in the closet, not languishing near the sink on a towel, then you do standard of responsibility.

6. Candles

Don’t need the girl’s candle with raspberry and aroma Pina colada. However, a few thick candles here and there decorate the home, refresh the interior and will serve you the service where the utilities will once again show your ass and turn off the lights. Yes and friends will appreciate.

7. Flowers

No need to plant a garden. One Bush in the corner, a couple of cacti. Here’s a fresh color, and maturity. Only water, do not forget.

8. Carpet

Dude was right: the carpet is vital. It connects different zones of the room. Buy a carpet. Not Soviet, of course, not Soviet! That would be anti… of teenage rebellion against the carpet when you yelled: «In my house you never will.» Extra points if it would be a cool print. Not only cow skin, please.

9. Not to load up at IKEA from head to toe

IKEA is the buzz: there you can find everything you need in the apartment, even delicious food. You can buy everything at once and not sweating. However, you cannot resist the temptation. If you do so, you will have exemplary spherical building in a vacuum without any singularities. No one is saying to flee from IKEA like fire: it is cheap and beautiful. Just go to other stores, and you’ll live like in the showroom.

10. At least one standing piece of furniture

The best is the sofa. Everything else can be taken out from the parental home and other relatives, but without at least one decent piece of furniture in the house is more like a junkyard.

11. Clean up all the trash

Well, you live in his house, bought a sofa, hung curtains, flower in the corner stuck – what? If you have on the floor over clothing and under the couch are the mugs of coffee that you drank two days ago, a penny the price to all the other tricks. Get out!

12. Groovy linen

If you stay overnight guests, without in any way. Looks beautiful and as if beckoning.

13. The neutral color of the walls

Don’t paint them in the colors of his favorite football team, you’re not ten. Better to choose a calm neutral shade that will be beneficial to shade your furniture. You can even try white – and don’t forget the paintings on the walls and contrasting curtains.

14. To get rid of old textbooks

Still have the chemistry for 11th class and right out of school? And what for? Do you think you will open them just once more? I doubt it. This stage has already passed.

15. Don’t forget the tub

The bathroom always remains on the sidelines, because the most important are all the other rooms. Garbage. Put it a little effort: a nice curtain for the shower, dish soap and the difference is huge!

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