How to make alcohol at home from your favorite juice?

To make alcohol at home can be long and tedious, but there are plenty of methods to simplify this a fun idea. Today we will tell you about a relatively easy way to make homemade booze out of your favorite juice.

How it’s done

You will need:

  • big bottle of 100% juice:
  • packet of yeast;
  • transition camera;
  • hydrometer.

The juice must be clean, i.e. no nectar, sweeteners. Preferably not restored.

Another question: what is a transitional camera? Here’s a picture.


Step 1

We need one gram of yeast is important! You can buy an existing bag with the weight, and you can use kitchen scales.


If you want to get a degree was higher, add more yeast. But for the first batch use 1 gram.

Step 2

Bury the yeast in a juice bottle and fasten to the neck of the bottle the transition chamber.


Step 3


Wait a few days. It will bubble and ferment. If the juice gets into the transition chamber during fermentation, take it off and rinse, and then Watusi back. Can drain some juice out of the bottle, if it foams too much.

In 72 hours, your home brew will have approximately like this:

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