How to make a trap for mosquitoes

Of course, there are now a variety of means from mosquitoes, but usually they only scare away those pesky insects and you will have a trap where those bloodsuckers are unlikely to be selected. Besides, you will experience the pride of hand made thing.

Is trap pretty simple, and you will need several components:

1 glass of water;

1/4 Cup brown sugar;

1 gram of yeast;

2-liter plastic bottle;

Scotch or duct tape;


hole punch (or something else, than you can make holes in the plastic)., 16.07.2013, TcwN7n0DVlsy1Gi45e6OGq61mBOhk8zo

First, boil 1 Cup water, add 1/4 Cup of brown sugar, stir and clean the side to cool.

Second, wash a 2-liter plastic bottle, cut the top 1/3 of the bottle., 16.07.2013, rwKJdjCauKyUKfS4QFYBxNADLWSiukLX

Then make a couple of holes cut in the top of the bottle and put wire through them to get something like a long handle., 16.07.2013, EpkNEQsAy5zxlqPAFeju2KVbVHB5jIMf

After the boiling water has cooled, add 1 gram of yeast (almost 1/4 teaspoon) of chilled water.

Then pour this mixture in the bottom of the bottle., 16.07.2013, TmxhhshTTw9MaUE7fAIOBzCoekXegUG3

Then place the top part of a plastic bottle at the bottom (so that the nose was pointing down, but do not touch the liquid). Using tape secure the top and bottom., 16.07.2013, vrTsEkNGX5LQYYNE5wtUlp52gxU2qR1f

Ready the trap cellar in the place where you live. This trap will produce carbon dioxide, mosquitoes will be attracted to her and not to you., 16.07.2013, xHIyB0ICGaioAJF4fAFXuYjMkj1YXz8K

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