How to make a smoke grenade

Poradi.s.ua_4.09.2015_fUxi78ajyh6wYThe word «pomegranate» head crash images of blood, pain and suffering. But smoke grenades can’t hurt. They themselves rarely used in the modern world, except that in the street clashes. But before they are often played by people who practiced ninjutsu (at least not often write about it). Later, smoke bombs have become an important attribute of various superheroes such as Batman. Villains did not hesitate to disappear in a puff of smoke. In General, it all looks so impressive and cool that we decided: why not tell you about how to make a simple but effective smoke grenade? You never know, maybe you always wanted to fight crime in his city, and in the closet just left superhero costume from last Halloween.

1. What you need

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2015_kkdwYIoCwcdrEAny pot which is not a pity (to use it in cooking then it is impossible). Measuring Cup, because the eyes do not very cool. Pack of soda, paper, paper clips, matches, tape, scissors and most importantly – ammonium nitrate (sell it in every city, even used as fertilizer). Don’t forget about the Bank from under aerated water or beer. A special role is not played. Better to take a volume of 0.5 L.

2. Cooking

To start, measure out about 50 ml of nitrate. Grind it using a mortar and pestle or banal spoon and throw in the pot. Add 90 ml of soda, and then pour all this stuff in 320 ml of water. At this stage the main thing – remember the fluid level. Put the resulting mush on the stove, turning on the lowest temperature. To do the whole thing on the stove, the gas may be a problem.

The goal is not to boil the fluid, and only heat. This is done in order to of ammonium nitrate came sodium. By the way, the smell will be what you need, so don’t forget to open the Windows. Need to cook for about an hour, during this time, should leave the smell of ammonia. Don’t forget to stir and add water, if she suddenly decides to boil. When the smell is gone, remove the pan from the heat. We must not forget to add water to the mark, which we once remembered in the beginning.

Add 30 grams of sugar and pour our saltpeter in a bowl of food-grade plastic.

3. Training

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2015_9PcoqCZPHpc3FThrow paper or newspaper to whatever you like. After these papers need to be dried in the street or near a heater.

Time for «checks». Tear off a quarter sheet of standard paper (half page) and fold the sheet in half, after a collapsible tube. So the tube stays in place, anchoring it with tape. After fasten matches so that their heads were at the level of the edge of the newspaper and touch it. Matches to spare is not necessary, and they should get to stay.

After a cut from a box of matches «cherkash». Pierce a hole at one end. Using a paper clip formed a ring and put it into this same hole. Tightly pressed against the makeshift ring to «cherkash» couldn’t fall out. Cut from a matchbox for about one third.

4. Smoke grenade

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2015_wSL97b0CQyxRVIt remains only to collect all together. We have a tube of newspaper that was in the nitrate, have the ring of «zerkalom» and some matchboxes. The sequence is as follows:

apply «cherkash» the ring spread to matches;

– put the top cover;

– tightly presses the design and all zamatyvaem tape.

Now go to the Bank. Cut off the edge of the banks, but not until the end. Take the newspaper in nitrate, fold it up, put on her pin and tightly namyvaet the newspaper at her. Get another sheet of newspaper and again wound on the receipt. So as long as the design is not snugly fit into the jar.

When it’s done, insert a newspaper bundle in the Bank, before pulling the pin. Close the jar, and through the hole in her back stick in our trigger. Remained tightly seal all duct tape so that the checks was no option to get out of the banks.

5. The secret

If you want more smoke, take the paraffin candle and put the wax on a sheet of newspaper. Paraffin, as it is known, slows down combustion. If you want to make the smoke color, add a powder dye.

And Yes, do not forget about safety. Perhaps a smoke grenade and will not cause harm to anyone, but she sure can strike you burn, if you hold it in your hands when you are.

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