How to make a ring-key in the spirit the Swiss knife

Most people are not so much keys, but if they are, then they can easily be hung on a key ring. But it’s not as good as what we offer you to make. It’s an interesting thing to store your keys. Each key can be safely removed by the body or pull to open the door.

So, you will need:

  • Two bolts and two nuts 8.
  • Two pieces of wood (dimensions: 0.3 cm/10 cm/3 cm ).
  • Thin sheet metal (dimensions: 10 cm/5 cm).
  • Glue for wood and metal.
  • Ten mounting washers.
  • Stain.

Swiss army key0403443152


  • Drill and drill bits.
  • Scissors on metal.
  • Shelflist.
  • Small paper clips.
  • Line.
  • Pencil.

Swiss army key1553772382

The first step

Use any small round object to mark the semi-circle at each end of the sticks. Cut the workpiece along the contour. Examples of the resulting blank to the metal plate and cut with scissors on metal two plates.

Swiss army key0710752382

Step two

Connect two pieces of wood and two pieces of metal into one large workpiece, resembling a sandwich. Outline on the top plate locations for future openings, they must be at a distance of 2.75 cm from each other. Order plates and plates are moved, seal them with stationery clamps. Use a 3/16 inch drill bit to make holes in work pieces. Now stripped of the workpiece and re-drilled in a wooden workpiece would havetobig holes for the screws and the nuts freely pass through them.

Swiss army key0568313618

Step three

Now all this beauty you need to collect. Take one metal plate, put it in the screw, put one washer on top, followed by key, then series washer with keys. Four of the key should be five goals. Of course, you can do without the washers, but a large chance that the keys will stick. If you have an odd number of keys, this problem can be solved by putting in place key two goals. Finished to place the keys? Now put on top of a metal plate, fasten the whole thing with nuts.

Swiss army key1545904174

Step four

Brush the plate with glue and seal all billet 4 stationery clips. Lay aside and let design dry.

Swiss army key1365626453

Step five

Our «Swiss ring-key» is almost ready. That’s just looks too dull. Take the stain and use it to make beautiful. If desired, the billet can be coated on top of lacquer.

Swiss army key0276343517

Ready, always nice to do something with their hands.

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