How to make a protein bar on your own? The pros and cons of protein bars

Quite an interesting topic. And you know, we confuse about it. A protein bar may thing tasty and useful, but, to be honest, dear. The cheapest protein bar I found in the vicinity of the house, with the percentage of 32 percent protein costs 70 rubles. But online I saw them for 55. Obviously, protein bars are downright expensive. Today we went to the trouble and suggest you a recipe.

Actually, a few words about protein bars. Use them only in the alloy with good strength training, otherwise they are no good. Protein in them, not so much. If there is no possibility to eat before or after exercise or not, eat a protein bar is the ideal solution. Well, or when I wanted sweetie, and you have mode, you can’t.

Harm protein bars practically nothing, but, again, when they are coupled with training.

How to make a protein bar

So you will save a lot of time and money. Well, and guarantee that it will be tastier.

So, take 2 large tablespoons of peanut butter and 3/4 large spoons of honey. Well stirred., 24.07.2013, NXufDkhCvslsQIjNgiVHinPUKjScJYCx

Put the mixture for 90 seconds in the microwave., 24.07.2013, olKPQ2vkQVoXxtmeNpvC4bCyl427A1aD

Add 3 tablespoons of pure protein. You have?, 24.07.2013, 24eISpnyomdkz4CsYn74CATB2CN1avl5, 24.07.2013, SuCOV3E6JWXx7nEncjmAvocYiJzbfLUd

It’s time for supplements. You can add Flaxseed, oat flakes or nuts. Need about 1 teaspoon of the Supplement. We have cereal., 24.07.2013, Kjev6NlDCIITiuGklQhQBHBsz1UbHGH5

Now the mixture will roll into shape., 24.07.2013, iNNYsG5QFrpLuJHpHVbIpVTpbUi1eTOr

And put in the fridge for a day. Cut into pieces and eaten., 24.07.2013, yRB3NUZmSWkrNtKcMy1WJTwBWqYzmUTZ

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