How to make a «naked» lamp

When was the last time something made with your own hands? I don’t remember? That’s it. It’s time to take instruments and prove to yourself how tough you are. And start from this simple, but very cool lamp. In my opinion, the best option, not so hard as to forge armor, but not so simple as Russian cars.

Prepare the materials and tools


To create this cozy fit you’ll need a tree, not very many, but enough to be enough for a small lamp. You can use the old bad Board, and you can contact Sebastian Pereira, a trader ebony (just kidding). In General, tree trimming, if you try, you can easily find. Same story with the cartridge from a lamp. The easiest way to gut an old lamp in quest thereof. Well, besides a saw, glue and a steady hand.

Cut the wood


The first thing to start cutting wood. At this moment you determine the future dimensions of your lamp. Choose the size of the product and cut out as much as your heart comfortable. By the way, do not have to follow the picture of the standard and promote sharp angles, you are quite right to make your own lamp round, only it is very difficult.

Drilled hole


Further instructions need to drill a hole, in which welling electronic parts. If you use a circular saw, then just mark with a pencil the position and start to cut. If the boards are too thick, try first to make a hole on one side, and then flip and continue to make a circle with the other.



And now sliced (and, if necessary, cut off), worn-out pieces of wood must be glued together. We can do without nails and screws, carpenter’s glue is better. What keeps well and does not violate the delicate wood pattern steel hats, as do nails. So just apply glue to the pieces with one hand and then pinch them together. By the way, don’t forget to wash the brush after use, otherwise the bristles will dry up and turn into something you can kill.

Bring to mind


So, what have we got? Well, everything is fine! A perfect wooden cube with a hole in the middle. If you are not delighted, and, looking at him, you did not receive the simple desire to touch it, then you need to Polish the obtained wood square, and at the same time make room for the cable, just drilled a small hole in the bottom and on one side only.

Mountains-the mountains clear


Now almost ready. You only have to apply a delicate layer of lacquer on the cube, insert a cartridge, screw in a light bulb Ilyich, test the lights and enjoy the comfortable brutal light of the lamp. Gori Gori clear!

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