How to make a million: the experience of service delivery «will Daisakusen»


When people open a business, you can already see in front of his house truck loaded with gold bars. But the failures occur on the road of an entrepreneur more often than you think. It is not enough just to open a business — need to know how to manage well. To understand what the market wants, and what you can do in this market to offer to stay alive and to rise above competitors, if it pleases fortune.

Business is a complex and multi-faceted. In business there are many shadow areas that can not learn through books or trainings — they are only available to people who have gone through it. That’s why you’re reading this — the third article about how to make a million. In this series of texts we invite someone who has already achieved success — he talks about how he did it, and why he chose a niche that you have chosen.

Today Ruslan Dmytruk, the founder of service delivery «will Daisakusen». His company confidently goes to the Federal level and is becoming more popular every day.

The beginning of the path

Congratulations to all the readers of the magazine! Perhaps my experience will help some of you to realize his dream in life.

manygoodtips.com_1.12.2016_5F6OH1OZRTYEvPersonally, I before the opening of the food delivery service in 2013, he worked as a sales representative and sold heavy construction equipment. That is an entirely different field, which almost never intersects with the delivery service. But at any place of work, you can learn something useful — something that will be useful to the entrepreneur in the future. For example, the brand of equipment that I promoted in the market was new and therefore had a lot of time to devote to advertising and marketing. I learned a lot about the creation and promotion of sites, and it seriously helped me to start my own business. So if you are reading me from his workplace, then look around — you’ll find so many sources of knowledge that will be useful for the entrepreneur, use them.

When I chose a niche, I decided to go this route. I asked myself the question: what is the unsolved problem exists in native Khabarovsk? It turned out that in my town you could only order sushi, pizza and Chinese food — a very modest choice. The city needed a website that could organize the delivery of any working institution. This plan was not a great risk, because food delivery is important for any city at any time. People will always eat, they will always hold banquets, corporate parties and lazy Saturday night «under the pizza.»Besides, in this business is indicative of the relationship between service delivery and partners that have decided to cooperate with us. In early 2013, when I started to launch this project, I was surprised by the reaction that we received from the restaurants. Nine out of ten agreed to work with us. This is a very good result. Restaurants easier to pay the reward with the particular order, than to bear the costs from state to state couriers, operators, and advertising.

As different from the other

I understand that if I made a «consultation service delivery», would I have failed. Business this story is not about the machine, which can reproduce endlessly successful concept. It was necessary to find their difference. One of our main differences is that we work with a wide range of institutions. The customer will not have to choose between the two pizzerias if he wants a kebab from a particular cafe, which is located on a particular street.

We’ve also introduced a unique feature — a consolidated order. Ie our courier can bring order from several schools at once. True when you want the cake at the bakery, pizza from your favorite pizzeria and Shawarma. Soon we will connect the delivery from stores, and customer can order not only food, but also sports nutrition, pet food and even medicines.

Pora was.kom.ua_16.11.2016_5nNrkAssl7rII

We also decided to return from 2% to 5% of the amount of each order in points (1 point = 1 ruble). These points can be used as a discount or exchange for gifts. People like encouragement, you should come up with something in this vein so that clients remember you. For example, the next time someone would order food, he remembers: «Oh, I have 200 bonus on will Daisakusen», and this change will affect the final decision.

How it works and how much it cost


If we take the average city with population from 300 to 600 thousand people, then the lump-sum payment will be 240 thousand rubles. For readers I’ll do a 10% discount, you only need to say the code phrase: «brotherly». For the money you get all of our functionality (website, CRM, mobile apps), legal support (contract templates, and instructions), marketing support (advertising models), promotional package for 10 000, 10 0000 business cards, 3 branded bags. All this — the Foundation that will enable the entrepreneur to work in a plus, even if he had never encountered a delivery service.Now about the staff. Operators need two, one for shift. They receive a fixed salary. No need to take a lot of couriers. For the first time enough for one or two couriers per shift to feel the load. The cost of a single application of courier — 150-200 rubles. If we talk about the couriers, the approach of payment, it is important to find a middle ground when all is beneficial. We have developed a convenient model in which the courier receives part of the salary in the form of daily paid output (rate from 1000 rubles a day), another part of the salary receives a courier for the month based on the number of applications for which bonuses are added depending on distance.

Fixed costs:

in the first months is enough to spend 10-15 thousand rubles, to reach the turnover of 500-700 thousand rubles;

— later on is sufficient to provide 3,000 rubles a month, but more is better;

— some rent every month need to pay 490 rubles;

— the cost of outgoing calls are on average 4,000 rubles (1.85 rubles per minute);

on the Internet it takes about 1000 rubles;

— maintenance of Bank account 3000 rubles.

— salaries of operators takes about 30 000 rubles per month.

Three rules of a man who earned a million

— Try! To test their hypothesis. Error is also a result. But test your ideas on small budgets. I did it, I made a simple website designer, has formed a commercial offer and went looking for partners. Launched, saw the applications come — began to develop further.

— Learn! For example, the Federal program «You — entrepreneur» is a very cool thing, they give good stuff for free. Also there are many publics, communities on entrepreneurship in the Internet sea of information.

— Attend all youth business hangouts of the city, Obratite acquaintances, learn the experience of others. Participate in all contests that can be — there you will receive feedback on your project and valuable advice to improve your business.

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