How to make a million: the barbershop «OldBoy»


Successful entrepreneurs in our country is not as small as people think. There are lots of personalities who use their talent, experience, and partially luck made his way up and is now actively developing in all directions, leaving to the Federal level.

So today we bring you experience on the improvement of your life and business from a particular person — the owner of a successful business Eldar Mirzoev. His patrimony is the male beard, on them it made money, thanks to them continues to earn to this day. So, congratulations to the founder of a large Federal network of salons of men’s OldBoy. He told us how to build a business within the barbershop.

Every business has a beginning

I, like most young people, was a great success. I was engaged all in a row, and rushed in different areas — knows how to work the Internet stores or perhaps drukarki business. But to distinguish indulgence from the real deal just a successful business brings a steady income and all that brings one-time earnings, the business is hard to call. Not to say that I learned a lot from my first business experiences, but at least I learned how to communicate with customers, understand that it will be easy to sell, and what do you have to work.

The idea of the barbershop did not come immediately, but the insight in it something is. At the time I was a regular customer of the Barber shop, «Tony guy», where a haircut, by the way, cost 2 thousand rubles. It’s been hard, people stood in line for weeks to lop itself. I didn’t realize how much willing to pay that kind of money. At the entrance were offered coffee, and the Barber was gregarious and constantly talked about fashion and all the town gossip. I wouldn’t say that the haircut was good, but it had its own atmosphere, though impregnated with the irritating odor of the spirits of the administrator and corrosive to the eyes with varnish. And here I was sitting in the salon, listening to another story about how cool it was someone dressed up, and realized to hell with this! I decided to open a real man’s barbershop, where the master will talk to you about football, politics, girls. In other words, men’s life, not about where they discounts, and the girl chooses another Hollywood star.If we talk about where to find money for the project, it should start with a desire. If you have the desire, the money will be. I’ve saved 450 000, one has accumulated 450 000 rubles — this is the amount. To support the business had no money, but we risked it and did it deliberately. When opened the first Barber shop that we once were in the interests of the other barbershop. The competition was, is and will be in this business, but without her work, I think, not interesting, no reason to evolve. We are doing well, so we even raised prices — people will still go and love it.

The relevance of niches, challenges and well-deserved popularity

There are phenomena in society that suddenly break into our house, and then just as suddenly go through the black door. Barbershop — not one of them. I can say that the modern interest in such institutions will only grow, so to open them profitable, even though a large number of players in the market. It’s like with a healthy diet, the followers of which becomes every year more than BC1. A man once is enough to get a haircut in a place like OldBoy and he would never go to get my hair cut at the first Barber shop in the area. Our customers keep coming back.

But this does not mean that you can’t make mistakes in the beginning. A mistake can be made even before the opening. For example, take a wrong partner in business. Today he’s your friend, tomorrow an enemy, and the business overall. In the beginning we have to do everything yourself because you don’t have such a large and close-knit staff that we have built in OldBoy. I was not there, so I know what I am talking about sleepless nights, red eyes and endless flights will become constant companions of our lives.

Related to the economic crisis. Specifically for us, he was influenced strongly, ruthlessly and irrevocably: income increased, customers became more cosmetics sales increased. Moreover, during the crisis, we raised prices, and thus the number of clients has doubled. And it’s for two months! In Russia, it is likely that this mindset — the more, the better. In addition, we use the fact that don’t depend on euros or dollars, and good business services. However, I will clarify that we have been able to foresee the problem of price rise of men’s cosmetics, which have a barbershop. In the end, when this process began, we already had created its own brand of cosmetics, which all of our franchisees are buying at cost. Things are going so well that we already have 54 of the barbershop, and the goal of 2017 to become the largest network of men’s hairdressing in the world. Ambitious, challenging, but we believe that they can do it.

Now we are actively developing across the country. The franchise in General is becoming terribly popular among the stars than I am personally proud of. However, we did not deliberately lured to their barbershop. It happened very simply: the city comes to a star and asked about where the cut best of all, receiving as answer «Try OldBoy, there is excellent».

Now I’m not even surprised the crew in the room. Sometimes don’t even understand who it is we known was such.

Of course, all this is the result of hard work, those sleepless nights I mentioned above, but if happened to me, why shouldn’t the others succeed?

Three rules of a man who earned a million

— Only work with those who are capable of independent decision-making.

— To be able to rest and sleep. Sleepless nights should not last forever.

— To set goals, but the main goal should be the success of the company . It will be a success — money .

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