How to make a list of things to do before you go to the light

type in the bathroomTo run a marathon. To obtain a higher education. To build a house. Every man has a purpose in life. Sometimes our goals are a very high desire to change the world, to do something new), and sometimes it’s the simple tasks that we need to do to feel better (start to sleep, to quit Smoking). Too often we don’t notice anything except our daily activities, and time seems to be rushing past us. At the end of each year we traditionally look back over the past year and sum up the results, and we are not always able to achieve everything we wanted. Remember the movie «not Yet played in a box»? There the man carried out all of the things that he wanted to make it to the end of life. He thought over this question and know in what direction to work. I saw this movie and thought that it would be nice to make a list for yourself to in your daily routine and routine not to forget that I actually need from this life. To remember what you dream about what you wanted since childhood. Then we wanted to do something exciting, adventures. We dreamed that when I become a man of action who every day achieve something. What has changed? Age is just a number. Of course, now you have much to answer, but there’s a lot you can. Things which previously you could only dream of — except you can now bring them to life?

No matter how large or, on the contrary, trivial your goals — it’s always nice to achieve them, and this will help you one simple thing — a list of these cases. Incidentally, it is scientifically proven that when you write down your goals increases the likelihood that you would commit. When you see the written word, your mind seems to speak to himself again, convinced of their veracity, and then the trick: nobody likes to fail yourself. In addition, there in front of you will always be a reminder that you want to do, and it will be for you to target. So, where to start?

What you need

To begin, you need the good stuff. You can’t scrape together this list in haste on a scrap of paper that eventually get lost in junk mail and throw it together with her. Let it be some special thing that would be nice to see that you can burn the points. You can make a special notebook, for example, I don’t know — these are sold with hard cover. Remember that the list will have to add: you’re going to do something and something again to want. I advise you to avoid pompous thick diaries: they desires is not enough, and in the end will be charged to a dozen pages. You can buy a nice notebook that will stay in your pocket — also a good thing. And be sure to write down all pen, no pencil, no way to erase, just because you don’t have something to do.

The list itself

This is the easy part and without simple process. The contents of the list depends on you. The point is to write on paper all the things you want to do in this life. When you think about it and presents himself to the old man, who regrets that something did not, do not be shy, write down all the points. Someone might argue that too many things in your list will reduce the probability that you will do at least some of them, but this is nonsense. If written goals are really important to you, then it doesn’t matter how many there are. Life is short, but not so much that you were planning on it just three cases. Nothing can be insignificant, if it brings you satisfaction, even if it is a trifle. Don’t leave aside no important things for you. Want to quit biting your nails? Record. Want to lose a few pounds? Write down this.

Remember that this is not just a list of daily activities. It includes big goals, turn your dreams. You know what would you like to have a house? The first step to construction is to record it, to describe this house. You’re tired from work, want to change or continue education? Write. When you deal with small things like diet and with large type of construction of the house, you can go to the most exotic things. What is stopping you? Don’t think that through Appalachia or climbing Everest — that is too cool. Why? There allowed not only for supermen. Want — write! Want to get into a Brazilian carnival — write! Just remember that when you put those dreams in your list, you would make a contract with yourself. If you do something you’re not really going to do, not to soil the paper: so, you risk losing faith in yourself, not complying with this paragraph. If it is listed, it is your aim, to implement which you will walk.

Will warn you here that: it is not necessary to write this list of things that you need to want. If you do not pull the idea to jump with a parachute, but it just seems you peasant you want, don’t need to torture yourself. People may want different, just listen to yourself: what do you want? You can share all the wishes into categories:

  • Journey.
  • Relationship.
  • Career.
  • Finance.
  • Entertainment.
  • Education.
  • Health.

You can add anything else that comes into your head. And then on the categories already easier to plan. For example:

  • Travel: travel to Greece.
  • Relationships: to do my girlfriend when we ride on the boat.
  • Career: find a job where you can work from home.
  • Finance: thirty-five to buy an apartment.
  • Entertainment: visit the Depeche Mode concert.
  • Education: go on courses Stolyarov.
  • Health: to lose eight kilo.

Supported list up to date

When you’ve made your list, start to work in directions which are indicated there. It’s always nice to achieve goals, whether on this list or not. It will be a very special feeling to cross off something from your to-do list for life, especially if to achieve this you will need months or years. The moment you fulfill a desire, particularly exciting, it’s such a breath of fresh air: you understand that you can a lot of and cope with their plans. Do your ritual, view the list from time to time, to delete what he did, and bring in a new plan. Avoid erasing anything. This can be done only if you don’t want to do something — and not just for the reason that you think you can’t handle. Remember: the main reason why you made this list — to remind yourself what you dream about and motivate yourself.

As soon as you make a list, pick one of the points that you think is the most easy or suitable for the moment, and start working to implement it. Outline what you want to do before the end of the year, make a plan. Choose a very small goal and achieve it in the next 24 hours. For example, if you want to go to Greece:

  • Ask for a vacation.
  • Get a passport.
  • Buy guide to Greece.
  • Think about what places you want to visit.
  • Calculate how much you need money.
  • Start to book tickets and schedule a tour.

One of the items — to-buy guide to Greece. So this might be your goal for the next day. It is important that you are constantly making steps towards implementation of its objectives.

Remember: some adventures should be in every man’s life. You don’t need to spend all that money or become irresponsible. 362 days a year you can be the most normal person and do normal things, but three days leave for the strangeness. At least three days.

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