How to make a leather sheath, you just need to have on hand a compass, a flask or a knife. Unlike the first two, ordinary, not folding knife you can’t just throw it in my pocket. The knife needed a sheath. Cool knife needs a fancy vagina. Their manufacture we’re gonna do.

You will need:

a piece of soft leather (size depends on the size of the knife);






food film;

kitchen towel;

a pot of hot water;

stationery pins;

needle work on the skin;

sturdy waxed thread;

1. Draw a template of the sheath

Put the knife on a piece of cardboard and trace it with a pencil. Lines not close to the knife, and with a small offset of 5 millimeters. This is the correction for the thickness of the skin. After you’ve circled it, otterkill the form of the stroke — to get two sides of the product. One of the future halves of the sheath within the edge to a distance equal to the length of the handle. This «tail» will form a loop that closes the vagina.


2. Cut the template

Carefully cut out your pattern.

It was a bribe.field.ua_27.06.2014_le8FSW5QUvoVL

Use the reverse side of the cutter blade in order to accurately determine the future fold line of the sheath.


Fold the pattern, glue it with tape and try on the knife. As long as you work with the paper and tape you can make adjustments to the size of the future product. Keep in mind that even the thin skin thicker cardboard. Watch that the knife included in a paper sheath freely.


3. Start to work with leather

Translate your pattern to the leather back, suede sides with the help of a pencil. Cutter cut a piece of leather.


4. Give the skin a form

Than wrap in cling film.

For a few minutes, put a piece of leather without strap in a pan with hot water, this will help to soften the skin.


Using a kitchen towel squeeze the skin. Wrap your future around the vagina knife, staple their clerical clothes pins around the blades and leave to dry. In the process of drying constantly check the skin, be careful to take the desired shape, recovering the skin with your fingers stretch it where needed.


Wait for complete drying. This will happen in a few hours or even over night. Then take off your stationery clothespins.


5. Prepare for sewing

Adjust the shape of the sheath with the cutter — skladi all the rough edges. Cut a thin groove in the seam.


Mark the holes for future stitches. You can do this manually using the handle. Mark points at intervals of 3-5 mm. Make indentations on the location of future holes using normal nail scissors with fine tips, or any other suitable subject. Do the same procedure at the base of the loop.


6. Shay!

Sew strap to one side of the future of the sheath, using waxed thread and needle to work on the skin. Then ask the main seam. Get ready to sweat at this stage is to sew the skin difficult, this process requires accuracy and considerable physical effort. So quickly to deal with this stage will not work.


8. Voila!

Your sheath is ready, they can try.


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