How to make a good

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2014_WGsrUpmq54PzFThere are days when you Wake up and understand that today the whole world is against you. The next time you will be a hard day, you will be armed with effective ways to turn it into a good. Another bonus: it won’t cost you a dime.

1. Walking down the street, do not look down

This technique is taught in theatre schools. This experience opens your eyes to the world and will be useful not only actor, but also a mere mortal. People always go, staring eyes to the ground avoiding eye contact with passers-by and any interaction with society. They don’t want to open up to the outside world, preferring to withdraw within her shell and to sit peacefully inside it, no worry. Until you look at their feet, you skip past the eyes of the whole world, passers-by, unusual clouds in the sky, color of hair run past you beauties — you don’t see very interesting. On the sidewalk you are not able to see anything unless you bug. And you’re not beetle. Look forward. That’s where the action unfolds. T too Dawnay go in and never come if you do not look around.

2. During a trip on the open car window (even if it’s cold outside)

The wind gives us a feeling of freedom and weightlessness. When the wind is blowing in your face, but not with such force that the breath is a pleasure. You can hear the wind, feel the movement of air as if flying. Open up the Windows in the car during the trip — and will be able to enjoy flight, not looking up from the ground. The air will refresh you and will fill your whole car. Let the outdoor temperature is only ten degrees, you should breathe deeply, drop the shoulders and release the head. Hold out your arm out the window and feel the elastic of the wind. This is nice! The main thing is not to get sick.

3. Cook food with your own hands

Well, it’s not free, but you still have to eat every day, so this method is also considered. In our world eating inconceivably transformed and ceased to be natural. We simultaneously cheapened it and made a steadfast source of attention and even object of worship. On the one hand, instead of thoughtfully eat with a knife and fork, we disrespectful stuffed in his mouth a full spoon, and the huge chunks, looking at the monitor or TV screen. On the other — we eat too much, more than enough, being in permanent search of novelties and Goodies.

Go against the established order of things, and prepare food with their hands. Let the process to inspire yourself. Cooking is creation, and creation requires energy, attention and contemplation. Kitchen work isn’t routine, and meditation. Try it and see for yourself.

4. Physical labor

As the proverb says, the best rest is change of activity. Are you tired of the mental strain and lost the ability to focus on precise tasks that require perseverance and attention? It’s time to work with his hands!

Physical activity triggers the production of endorphins, so any chores will make you a happy man. Get out, make them, drinking, ruby, dig — house is always a lot of work. Immersed in the process, you will notice how the mood will cease to be lousy and passion will cover you head.

5. Drink a glass of cold water or a Cup of hot tea

When you drink something very hot or cold, you can feel the fluid passes by your esophagus and spreads to the stomach. It is an amazing feeling! Drink ice water or gracemere tea is instantly refreshing and will Wake you up. Do so since the morning — even these drinks can replace your ritual Cup of coffee. Cold water awakens internal organs much faster than caffeine. Before you go to bed, drink hot tea and feel how it relaxes you from the inside. Tea bags — the best way to get the most hot drink, do not despise them.

6. Explore Vine and Coub

Amazingly fun services with custom video content! On Vine there is no censorship, unlike Instagram, where you can watch funny, funny videos, Rocco Siffredi or unknown users, with installation carried out tricks and fun transformation. Coub can cheer up the grumpy old man, not to mention quick to laugh young office workers. How do people manage to create such funny videos?

7. Look through old photos on the computer or in albums

Next time when you clean up the mess in the attic, before you raise a hand to throw out the old photo album, look it. When you want to format the drive, see what photos are on it. Give yourself a couple hours to pakati: «I could seriously wear that?» and «Should go out with a guy, we perfectly understand each other!» Plunge into the past is an integral part of travel in the future. Nostalgia is part of life, but if something ended, it ended. Memories are good, but they will not work to live. These pictures will remind you of what you were then and the people around you helped you become who you are now.

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