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Despite the fact that we now (sort of) the age of equality and democracy, women are still delicate creatures, which is vital to say that «her new hairstyle fits her new dress, though much better than her workers Petrova, bitch». Well, that’s what they want.

But not only women need is a beautiful compliment? To be honest, they need absolutely everything and in the same proportion.

Why the need for compliments

  1. When you tell someone a compliment, you make his day. And to make the day of someone nice.
  2. It’s fun.
  3. This has to do with you.
  4. It increases the degree of positivity.

Actually, you know, why the need for compliments.

How to make a good compliment

1. Specifically whether

Take every compliment specific, directed at a specific person. That is, instead of the standard: «You look good today!», which, to be honest, almost no one responds, say something like, «That necklace really suits you.» The more targeting a particular person, the better. The dude can say something like «These awesome watches look great with your new shirt, man. Where you bought this, by the way?». But do not overdo it and do not flatter. If things are bad, it is better to remain silent.

2. Explained

Strengthen your compliment addition and explanation of why you actually think so. That is, after «That necklace really suits you» add that it is perfectly in harmony with the clothes, and the stones shade the eyes. Dude you can say that he picked just a fucking shirt, and you really didn’t expect that so it is Polo.

3. Turn your compliment into a question

Here it works better, since you automatically drive your opponent in a dialogue with you: it needs to say something. A compliment should consist of the actual compliment. «Awesome shirt dude», and that will turn it into a question: «Where did you get it?». Your interviewee feel important, why make a compliment: he feels important and needed. If you did everything correctly, clearly, and this shirt he really is.

4. Throw in a joke

Any kind of joke in the conversation can make your compliment better. Or worse. The main thing that the joke was really funny. Look here and you will understand the difference. Add a joke — fix the result.

So why are compliments important?

Compliments well increase the person’s self-esteem, and most importantly, make him feel important and needed other people to show himself as a caring man and a ladies ‘ man.

But to do compliments need wrong. The main compliment, in my opinion, should be honesty. If a person looks in his new clothes bad, then never say that he is: don’t flatter dude, that’s low. If the girl’s necklace makes her look like a dirty hippie and looks at it as absurd, like a gold tooth in the mouth of a beggar, do not need to tell her that she is perfectly set off her strange eyes: it’s a lie.

Compliments must be sincere. Yes, you can pursue certain goals when you say them, but they must come from the heart. Don’t think that if you do it right, your opponent will not feel falseness. Will perfectly feel and will treat you with caution.

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